Post your wishes for the NCAA tournament here

  • My wishes. And, I have to put more than one up because I cant just have one. My wishes are KU fights claws and scratches their way to an Elite 8 appearance.
    That being said, I will try very hard to not be too disappointed if that does not happen. I also wish that Kentucky will get their butts handed to them by UNI or VCU or even Wichita State.
    I hope Villianova goes down in the first round with a round house kick to the head by a sneaky mid major with hot trey guns. I wish that all the top “experts” get their brackets busted by the second weekend. I wish that all the top “experts” continue to say KU is over rated in the RPI and that they are in a weak conference and wont make it past the first weekend of the Madness in order to give more fuel to our boys in crimson and blue.

  • My hope is either to take out UK or take out the team that takes out UK.

  • I hope Kentucky becomes the first 1 seed to lose to a #16 seed.

  • I just wish we play like we are capable!! Hitting 3’s, playing d, rebounding, hitting Perry, Cliff playing to his ceiling, Mari hustling! Selden finishing and him, Mason and BG, throw in Svi and Dg shooting everywhere! Ll and Hunter subbing in. Oubre turning heads in more than one way! Ha ha!

  • I believe that KU will advance to the Sweet 16. From there on it will depend on match-ups. With a good draw KU will advance to the Elite 8 and from there on it’s a crap shoot and “survive and advance.” The strong non-con and conference schedule and games like Florida and West Virginia where KU had to come back from way behind will help in the Tournament. An Elite 8 appearance would make me happy, anything beyond that is just gravy.

  • Greatness is not without tribulations! I think we have plenty this season. Therefore, I wish for National Championship! RCJH!

  • Ok, here it goes. KU crawls, bites, kicks, screams, dunks and goes to FF, plus the 3s drop like rain to send soft Kentucky team home crying. And, we have our NC! As for ESPN, viewers realize their own analysis is more sensible & logical than those mouthpieces of the east/west coast. Now, Self has to make it happen! Thanks for asking Lulu.

  • Well… If im gonna wish. I see no sense in wasting it on anything less than the NC. Oh and i could care less who we have beat for it. Just hang the banner

  • I hope that wherever and whenever we play, that Missouri can get good tickets and come watch us.

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