Bad Ball™, Eleven, and True Grit

  • It appears that @jaybate-1.0 and Seth Davis are sitting in a tree, k - i - s - s - i - n - g

    In the latest Sports Illustrated, there’s an article called “Foul Ball”. On it’s titled:

    ####The history of college basketball’s offensive decline—and how to fix it#### by Seth Davis

    College basketball is slower, more grinding, more physical and more, well, offensive than it has been in a long, long time. The 2014-15 season is shaping up to be the worst offensive season in modern history. Through Feb. 22, teams were averaging 67.1 points per game. That is the lowest average since 1952. The previous low for that span was set just two years ago. This more than reverses the gains that were made last season, after the rules committee made adjustments to clamp down on physical defense and make it harder to draw a charge. Thanks to lax enforcement by officials and a foolish decision to reverse the block/charge modification, scoring declined by 3.79 points per game. That is the steepest single-season drop on record. 2015-03-04_21-41-23.png 2015-03-04_21-43-39.png

    ###Eleven### by Dr. Seuss

    Say! Look at his fingers!

    One, two, three …

    How many fingers do I see?

    One, two, three, four, five, six, seven,

    eight, nine, ten. He has eleven!

    Eleven! This is something new.

    I wish I had eleven, too!

    link text #####(a true KU fan lives in a Base 11 world)#####

    ###True Grit: How unlikely was KU’s comeback?### by @Jesse-Newell

    Jesse has done it again. By crunching the numbers on six years of KU comebacks, he’s taken me on a dopamine-inducing walk down memory lane of the nine least likely victories by the numbers.

    They’re all there: The Sweet16 Purdue game… The final KU vs Mizzou game in AFH… Elijah’s heroics vs Iowa State and Weatherwax…

    *Make no mistake about it, this team likes playing with fire. *

    On that list of nine games that span six years, there are three games from this season. But this is the crown-jewel:

    March 3, 2015 vs. West Virginia

    KU trails 57-49 without possession and 2:32 left in second half

    (2.6 percent chance of winning)

    KU wins

    Compile all the numbers, and Tuesday’s 76-69 overtime victory ends up being the most unlikely of comeback of all.

    The odds of hitting one number on a roulette wheel is 1 in 38. KU’s odds against WVU were almost exactly that: 1 in 38.4.

  • @bskeet I love dr Seuss!

  • @bskeet Nice article by Newell. Thanks for posting.

  • @bskeet Wow ! No one I know can crunch those numbers like Jesse. One of the very best Newell Posts ever. And there’s no doubt some of these national level writers are reading kubuckets from the articles they write & the twitter posts they put out there. Man 38.4 to 1 is what anyone would call a really long gutshot. Just amazing.

  • What really surprised me about Jesse’s article is that, according to Kenpom, trailing by 9 points to OSU with over 6 minutes left in the first half gave us only a 19% chance to win. Further, down only 5 to UT with over 14 minutes left in the second half and we only have a 16% chance to win?

    That seems awfully bad odds considering the point differential and the seemingly enormous amount of time left in both scenarios. I’d be interested to know what factors were taken in consideration to assess the odds. Quality of opponent? Rank? Home vs. Away? Something else? I mean, if I knew we only had a 16% to win a game on the road, down only 5 with only 5 minutes gone in the second half, I could have saved myself a lot of wear and tear on my nerves and simply tuned out, figuring we don’t have much of a chance. I’d never do that, of course, but the likelihood of a win in those two examples still seems too low.

  • He successfully crash landed an antique plane today-the THIRD crash landing he has survived due to equipment failure. This guy has Chuck Yeager like skills and an angel on his shoulder.

  • @JayhawkRock78 I thought he was critical?

  • Turned out to be not as bad as originally reported… Still serious condition, but not critical.

    link text

    I heard he had a 1 in 38 chance of landing successfully…


  • @Crimsonorblue22 The report I heard said was alive, conscious and had numerous cuts to the face which,would be expected in an antique plane-think about our cars made in the 50’s pre airbag-padded dash and no collapse steering wheel. The landing gear was fixed so he could not retract it for a skid. If you look at the ground it gave way and stopped the plane in a few yards. Maybe,you have better info-this is what I heard in Texas.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 According to news his son tweeted he was beat up but ok. Not sure if he shoulder harness in it, but if only a lap belt he may have contacted the instrument panel with his face.

  • @brooksmd thx!!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Looking at the airport and the golf course on Google maps, Ford should be commended for realizing he couldn’t make it back and putting it down where he did. Not a very big golf course and houses for miles.

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