Statline of the night

  • HM’s 13 minutes 8 pts 2 Reb 1 ast 3 stl 2 blk and… Exactly 1 dribble! And no traveling calls.

    THAT is a guy who knows what he wants to do with the ball!

  • @approxinfinity The “Steal” stands out!

  • HM was very effective, at least one of those foul calls was totally bogus. He looks so awkward at times I think the ref just could not believe he was able to reach around and swat the ball without fouling.

  • Hunter knew his team needed him to play tough. And he did.

    Outside of Perry, I think Hunter may bring the most offensive skills to the post than any other big we have. Jamari is effective when he sticks to doing what he does best, drive the ball when in the post. His mid range shot should be off limits. Maybe he can pick that up in the off season.

    With Perry out, this is a perfect time for us to work on our depth in the post. Run some offense for Hunter, Jamari and Landen. Push the fellas to get some results.

    I’m 99% sure that Cliff is gone for the year. Perry will be back, but we can’t tell if he can be effective on a sprained knee.

  • @approxinfinity Mick played with passion plain & simple, So many guys have such poor & slow footwork on defense, his presence & quickness was really a game changer in an up & down track meet like this. Mick wanted this one badly & picked the most important game of the season to shine IMO. Frank & JT had heavier stat lines, but Hunter was the superior glue guy when we just couldn’t get stops. But again, I’m always a sucker for the underdog, especially when he’s wearing KU crimson & blue.

  • Big props to Hunter, he found a way to get it done and we lose this one without him. Jamari Traylor…was I the only one picturing him as an effective 3 next year if he could add a mid-range jump shot?

  • @ajvan Mari hit a few jumpers last year, self doesn’t get mad when he shoots them. I hope he can add them!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I remember when he used to knock those down on occasion. The ones he’d hit from the middle of a zone were the best. I just made my question official with a new thread. We gonna see Jam-Tray at the 3 next year? I’d like to.

  • @ajvan me too!

  • I remember that Kevin Young was always left open at the Key also. He was told not to shoot from there.

  • @wrwlumpy KY was the “custodian” around and under the rim. Always cleaning up misses.

    @globaljaybird Rascal lookin good in da new pic.

    @Crimsonorblue22 Make it home ok?

  • @brooksmd KY was fun! I also like rascals new pic! I’m still waiting, rds are snow packed around home. Might go I 70 and south. Headache? Or does “the good stuff” not give you headaches?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Nope no headache. Although, the old soldier only had 2 glasses left in it so I had to lay it to rest. Going out later to get a refill.

  • @brooksmd Thanks bud, he’s keeper. We’re really attached to him now. He has that playfulness, tenderness, stubborness, & mischevious piss & vinegar that Boxers always have. He’ll roughhouse with ya or kiss hell outta ya-you make the call. He’s still growing too. He’s about the right “fightin weight” at 75# & but only 45 when we rescued him. He just does the absolute cutest stuff for a big boy, he’s really the one that rescued us.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Tried leaving the house for about 20 min one day last week & left him out of the kennel. He flunked the test-Ate a partial bag of mini donuts, chewed on my Valentine candy tin (couldn’t get it open), & whizzed in the kitchen… First time for that. Other than wanting to run for daylight when he gets the chance & typical shedding, separation anxiety is the only real issue. His hunting insticts are off the charts too, so we have to watch him like a JHawk with all the coyotes & assorted varmints out here. But when he gets plenty of exercise he just crashes like a plane. Pack of coyotes outside the fence a couple of nights ago sounded like the were in the back yard. He growled a couple of times but never left the bed. Yep, he’s a killer watchdog, he’ll lick em to death.

  • HM is also an excellent foul shooter… if he could just get a decent shot fake, or work on ways to draw contact, he is money from the line… we will every little thing we can possibly get from him and Lucas going forward

    yes, Cliff’s body language last night was telling… looks almost as if he was hiding in the background in the team trophy pics… I suspect he knows what’s about to come down and it ain’t good.

    even though I have no illusions about his strengths and weaknesses, JamTray is my favorite player, and I suspect HCBS has a real soft spot for him too… he is exactly what coach loves in a player - total selfless work and dedication - someday a framed photo of JamTray diving wildly for a loose ball (like the incredible full flying leap from the Texas game) will be in HCBS’s office - I would bet on it

  • @globaljaybird I love it! Heading home! Ready!!

  • @globaljaybird if you see a golden for sale let me know!!

  • @Bosthawk I like you!!

  • Biggest block of the year by Landon Lucas.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Leave the phone alone while driving. Get there in one piece. Will chat later.

  • @globaljaybird It’s official - you are my new hero.

  • @nuleafjhawk Don’t know why but thanks for the compliment.

  • @globaljaybird for this -

    “Leave the phone alone while driving. Get there in one piece. Will chat later.”

    Reeeeaaaaal good advice !

  • I love it when a kid that rides the bench gets some playing time and shines. So here’s to you Hunter-you came through when we needed you.

  • @globaljaybird I’m home, roads good! Thx!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    He hit a bunch of mid-range jumpers in the first game against Baylor . I just don’t think he has the range to shot the 3 which SF need to to.

  • @approxinfinity Are you referring to the…RED FURY? I can’t come up with any good reason why this guy should not be playing - he is a BADASS…

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