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  • Regarding the Return of the Snack—it will energize the team and he will help them find themselves. He is the only non-dad, or non granddad type on the staff to 19 year olds. He is the fun Uncle. And now he is going to be the purposeful Uncle, who comes home and says, “I screwed up, and the only way I made it through was thinking about paying you guys back for screwing up. If you will accept me back, I will lead you where you have to go. I owe you. I still remember what 19 was like. Now you know what 30 can be like. Let’s do it right from here on out, no matter how it turns out.”

    Regarding KSU swarming the court—go swarm themselves.

    Regarding the KSU homecourt advantage—as usual the KU bench appeared to have been slathered in a layer of cattle manure solution. How could our guys concentrate?

    Regarding Butcher Barnes—he will thug first, and most, but we won’t be sure when the first thug will come. But come it will. We have to be ready to play through and to look for the right moment to make them pay.

    We likely will not see the weave much for awhile, since Weber showed the world exactly how to play it—3-2 formation, with the two playing m2m and the 3 playing zone until one of the weavers commits to attack, then matchup.

    For all of Cliff Alexander’s troubles, his stats per minute are still more productive than Traylor, or Lucas. He has to play 20 minutes. And he has to outrun the opposing team’s bigs the way he started doing right before he cratered. That outrunning the opposing bigs to both ends of the floor put more stress on opposing teams than any other single thing we have done all season. We have to get big Cliff in the game, we have to get him running, and we have to feed him on the breaks and get him throwing outlets off rebounds as close to midcourt as possible. We get on the move sooner and more often.Cliff is the guy that can do this and hurt them most when he does. The time for punishing for mistakes is now ended. It is now time to get something out of each or our guys—whatever they have to give. Snacks in his ear will help Cliff. It appears a mentor relationship between the two.

    So long as Wayne stays in his present role, we need Wayne to shoot treys and protect and ONLY go baseline, not over the top.

    Devonte never goes baseline, only to the middle.

    Frank needs to stop driving the iron and start pulling up—EVERY TIME.

    Players need to stop waiting for Brannen to shoot the treys.

    Every time one of our guys grabs a rebound, he needs to pass it to someone near mid court. We can become a much better release passing team. Making long release passes will do more to put us on the attack than any other single thing.Rebound, long pass. Strip, long pass. TO, long pass.


  • @jaybate-1.0 said:


    " Run, run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me - I’m the Jayhawk man! "

  • Let’s run the court. Lets teach those bigs to make an outlet pass… like the 60 foot pass Devonte did last game. Lets teach Cliff to hustle down to clean up the boards on the fast break. Let’s run…

  • @jaybate-1.0

    "So long as Wayne stays in his present role, we need Wayne to shoot treys and protect and ONLY go baseline, not over the top. "

    This made me think of what my strategy is to use Brannen properly now down the stretch of the year.

    Brannen should be our baseline king. It is easiest to spring catch-and-shoot shooters in the corners. Brannen should be cutting from side to side, via the baseline.

    Since he has size, he also poses a threat at the rim. Imagine him running back and forth on the baseline all game? He would shred zones this way. And in a M2M, he can quickly learn how to exploit his defender by also making sudden stops for post lobs and scores at the rim.

    That would be a great way to get Brannen many good looks every game. He is a scorer, and he needs to be scoring!

    A guy with his touch could shoot 60% of corner treys!

  • @drgnslayr said:

    That would be a great way to get Brannen many good looks every game. He is a scorer, and he needs to be scoring!

    That’s what we all are thinking. By all, I mean everyone but Self. Hard to score a ton of points when you’re only playing 14 mpg.

    Just sayin. 😠

  • @drgnslayr

    Spool that up and make T-shirts.

    Brannen needs to shoot first and ask questions later.

    And Self needs to let him.

  • @jaybate-1.0 “Brannen needs to shoot first and ask questions later.”

    Even if Self doesn’t like it.

    Better to ask forgiveness than permission"

  • Our bigs need to be careful rebounding around Riddley. I have noticed he will wait until you jump for a rebound and back arm you when your in the air and flip you on your back. I was thinking last year that it was just accidental but he does not do it in every game but to me it looks like he knows he is doing it. I have never seen him get called for it because he doesn’t bring his arm around to hook he just knocks you off your feet and you land on your back.

  • No one, especially Self, wants Brannen to stop shooting. Self burned the midnight oil for the last Texas game, and missed watching the ISU game to work on Texas again. The team meeting will have a great effect on all the younger players. Perry called the meeting and watching him jaw with the Staters lets me know that he is determined not to be in the class that broke the streak.

  • @wrwlumpy said:

    No one, especially Self, wants Brannen to stop shooting.

    I’m just curious, not trying to be argumentative, but what leads you to say this when Greene plays…hardly ever? Thanks.

  • @wrwlumpy

    “Perry called the meeting…”

    Didn’t know that. I thought it was Frank. Might Perry now be stepping up in more of a leadership role? He definitely isn’t the same player since he missed the layup at the end of the WVU game.

    Sometimes bad things lead to good things.

  • Frank said Selden and Perry called meeting.

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