Thank you, Baylor!

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  • @drgnslayr Okay, finally I must lift my foot from the neck of that weasel. This is not the first season in which he has guided his Bears to late emergence. I’m more than somewhat relieved that Baylor games are behind us in regular season play.

  • Amen to that my friend! RCJH

  • During the game I heard a stat about Scott Drew that got my attention so I did some reading on Baylor bBall and HCSD.

    I have heard comments on the board that he isn’t liked. Maybe so but in my quick search I didn’t find any dirt on him. One thing that got my attention is he never played varsity basketball in High School. He was a student assistant and later became an assistant coach for his father at Valparaiso.
    When he came to Baylor the program was in shambles. Once the sanctions were dropped (2 or 3 years of them) the program took off.

    Again-I don’t know what the rumors are, but he has a very impressive record when you compare him to other coaches at Baylor.

  • @JayhawkRock78

    We fans are like that. I don’t think any of us think he is dirty. We think he is a really good recruiter but not an elite coach.

    Good enough indeed to get to the third round 3 of the last 5 years and even 2 elite 8’s.

    But he develops a deer in the headlights look when things start going sour and he doesn’t, at least to me, seem to be a very good in game coach especially when you look at the talent that he has assembled in Wacko.

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  • I’ll tell you guys something I’ve kept inside of me for a long, long time.

    Besides winning a national championship, the situation I enjoy just a small notch down from that was when Missouri helped us win the conference by beating someone who needed to lose to help us.

    The distance between these two great events is not that far apart!

    Big shout out to Drew… Maybe we can give a big shout out to Weber here soon when they throttle ISU!

  • @drgnslayr I’d rather do it ourselves than thank weber!

  • This just shows the strength of the conference. This should make those of us that have been frustrated by the road losses feel a little better. Also, I’m glad that we played at Baylor at the beginning of the season. ISU died by the 3. They are the prime example of why you need to have an inside and an outside game.

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