Early Signing Period TODAY

  • Penny for your thoughts? If you’re Okafor, and you’re not, but if you were, what would your thoughts be after that game? I’m a big considering Dook and KU. Which team maximized or showcased their bigs the most? Umm…maybe I’m biased, but KU is a bigman showcase everygame. I loved how they featured KU’s ability and skill to angle the ball on the blocks to the bigs. If I’m Okafor, and I’m not, I would definitely be thinking about which team values their inside game. Dook was all outside and dribble drive. Dook is not a bigman team. They had zero inside O except for Jefferson, and it was all garbage.

    BTW- Ok’s dad said yesterday that his ‘son’s mind was made up, and he knows where he’s going.’

  • It’s interesting to hear that Okafor’s mind is made up. Tyus Jones said last nights game would have no impact on his decision, but he also said he still wasn’t sure where he is going.

    If that’s true, it gives me hope that Okafor has picked KU and told Tyus come or don’t come - although Okafor’s dad also said they would be going to the same place.

    So what I’m saying is, no one knows what is going on. Apparently even the recruits. Clear enough?

  • As mud

  • I posted this on another topic but this is worth considering. http://fansided.com/2013/11/13/jahlil-okafor-cuts-kentucky-wildcats-duke-kansas/

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