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    After reading some of my topics and posts it may seem I have lost my mind. However thank you to those that were right there with me. ')

    However I can’t handle this as a KU Fan. First the WV I don’t know what I’m doing loss and then the Kstate I’m scared and have no answers showing by KU. Has left me seeing red and now just shaking my shoulders.

    However let me say this if HCBS is going to stick to his guns about running his high/low then he needs to change the way he recruits. If we are going to run high/low system hell or high water then we should recruit accordingly.

    No more just getting the best talent you can.

    No more recruiting great 3 point shooters you don’t value them and don’t use them until your HIgh/Low has failed. By then it’s to late anyways.

    Draft only point guards for every guard position. After all the system is to pass the ball inside.

    Draft one big man that can score

    Draft one big man that can pass in the paint.

    If we are going to play a system then we need to draft to that system.

    Recruiting the best talent we can get is a waste of time and causes a lot of heart ache to fans if we aren’t going to play to the strength of the talent that you recruit. So recruit to the system. No heart aches.

    Finally thanks to everybody for looking the other way with my posts and whispering under your breath he’s drunk. 🙂

    No really thanks for putting up with my rants.

  • @DoubleDD It is a free Forum. All voices should be welcomed as long as they are not personal bickerings like the other site.

    Anyway, I think HCBS did his recruiting to cater for his High/Low. I think Cliff “slow development” is the cause of the ineffective High/Low. Now, we have Ellis playing solo effectively at the post most times. Cliff is supposed to play along side him according to the plan.

    Going ahead, I think Cliff is still the key. We need him to show up. How? Only HCBS knows. RCJH!

  • Banned

    Thanks. 🙂 However I wonder if it’s so much Cliffs fault or HCBS’s trying to lean on a freshman to run his High/low offense? After all it was obvious that Cliff lacked any back to goal skills, and was never one to pass the ball in high school. In HCBS’s hey day a freshman big always rode the bench his freshman year with spot play here and there.

    Just my opinion I think HCBS went after to much top talent, when in the end he was going to run his system. Hell even in the NBA when they draft a top player they scheme their offense to fit that said player. Not trying to beat the drum to much but this KU team can shoot the three and we average what 10 3’s a game?? That’s wasting talent. Which is fine, but how about we don’t recruit a great 3 point shooter when our goal is to pound it inside?

  • @DoubleDD I think Hi/Low is HCBS Insurance Policy/Safety Net. Don’t think HCBS will ever be comfortable going forward without an Effective Hi/Low weapon in his arsenal. Maybe, he feels “naked” relying on the 3 guns.

    Since he is the HC, he will do what he feels comfortable with. I think all of us would want to see 1/3 of the shot attempts are from 3pt.

    Let’s see what happen in the UT game. I predict a fierce Guards vs Guards games and Ellis may come up top while the guards neutralize each other. RCJH!

  • I think we can thank the Baylor Bears a little bit for taking some of us off the edge of the cliff including myself.

    Whatever criticism we have about what’s happened is warranted, and even with as great a program as we are we are not accustomed to seeing these “down” games.

    Now as fans, we have the opportunity to get behind this team for the final stretch, the 4th quarter 2 minute drive. These kids need our fans to be turned up Saturday & Tuesday. I don’t think it will be hard to do, and I sure as hope they respond to some home cookin.

  • @DoubleDD No worry mack, you’re still our Jayhawk !!

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