The "Big XII is Awesome" Scenario

  • Current standings

    Kansas 11-4

    West Virginia 10-5

    Iowa State 10-5

    Oklahoma 10-5

    Baylor 9-6

    The “Big XII is Awsome” scenario is where KU losses two of the last three games and claims a share of the Big XII title to continue the Streak:

    Kansas: Tex W – WV L – @OU L

    West Virginia: @Baylor L – @KU W – OSU W

    Iowa State: @KSU W – OK W – @TCU L

    Oklahoma: TCU W – @ISU L – KU W

    Baylor: WV W – @Tex W – TTU W

    Final Standings

    Kansas 12-6

    West Virginia 12-6

    Iowa State 12-6

    Oklahoma 12-6

    Baylor 12-6

    **The 2015 Phillips 66 Big 12 Blood Bath **will conclude the season at the Sprint Center in downtown Kansas City. In the “Big XII is Awesome” scenario two Co-Champions play each other in the 4 seed vs 5 seed game.

  • Was just thinking if this was possible?!

  • It could conceivably get to 7 losses!

  • @benshawks08 Texas size upfront is a concern though our KU team plays much better in the fieldhouse this year when feeding off of that energy. The Longhorns lost @Oklahoma last week by only 2 points and OU is not particularly big upfront either. Another way to look at that game is OU may be beatable at home though the Sooner fans will most likely turn out to pack the house against KU. The finish to this conference season will certainly be entertaining.

  • Although It is not impossible, I just don’t see KU losing at AFH. I said at the beginning of the season that 14-4 would likely win the conference and went as far a saying that it would not surprise me to see 12-6 teams share the title. I would have preferred to see KU win it with 15-3 record but it looks more and more like it will be 14-4 or 13-5.

  • Interesting. With the #1 and #2 seeds getting byes in the first round, I wonder what criteria would be used to seed the five co-champions?

  • @bskeet Do the 1 and 2 sees get byes? I thought the top 6 teams got byes in the first round of the Big 12 Tournament. Have they changed the format?

  • @lincase The top 6 teams do get byes.


  • @KJD Thank you

  • @KJD I like to phrase it as the bottom 4 have to play in.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I tend to agree about not losing in AFH, but I am somewhat worried about Texas. They have been playing decently and their height is problematic. Hopefully. the game day excitement will help us even more. I am not worried about WVU. Their pressure will not be quite as effective on the road and we will be out for blood. I think the odds are we lose at OU and share with ISU. Not the end of the world. But…hopefully we can win out and win it outright.

  • @Hawk8086

    The winner will go no better than 14-4 and most likely 13-5.

    WVU has away games at KU and Baylor and at home against OSU. I just don’t see them going 3-0; more likely 1-2 to finish 11-7.

    ISU has away games at TCU and KSU, two hungry teams trying to get quality wins and they also play OU at home in a battle to see which one threatens KU; the loser is likely out of the race. Best possible outcome 3-0 to finish 13-5, and if the go 3-0 they will definitely earn their place.

    OU has home games with TCU and KU and a road game against ISU. Best possible outcome 3-0 with a chance to tie for 1st place, More likely, the lose at ISU and beat KU and finish 12-6.

    KU has home games against Texas and WVU and a road game against OU. Most likely outcome is that they win both home games and then they play OU, if they win they have the title alone if they lose they share the title with the winner of OU-ISU. In this scenario, I would rather see ISU beat OU so OU does not have the added incentive of playing for the title. By holding serve at home KU is guaranteed at least a share of the title. No question that OU having to play ISU and KU has the tougher schedule, on the other hand they also have their own destiny in their hands…and so does KU.

    Whichever of the top 4 teams runs the table will likely win outright or share the title .Interesting that TCU has games against both ISU and OU and they might throw a monkey wrench on the the entire process.

  • @KJD Thanks!! I guess they still have to rank any co-champs, but at least none would have the extra burden of a game while others would get a bye.

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