USA TODAY 10 Game roundup

  • USATODAY has a good round up of the marathon of games Link :

    What caught my eye…

    Wichita State beat Western Kentucky 66 to 49. Maybe the Shockers know something many other programs don’t–like how to play defense.

    Joe Dooley and Florida Gulf Coast made the list, winning 65 to 51 over Hartford (who??). Then Joe breaks my heart by tweeting that the FGCU fans are “Best fans in the world. Thanks”. I feel so jilted (a little). Beak em, Eagles!

    Huggie Bear at West Virginia loses to Virginia Tech 82 to 87.

    Baylor beat S Carolina (coached by Frank Martin) 66 to 64. According to the article, “After a lengthy video review, officials determined that the game was over, and Baylor had a victory over the Gamecocks on Tuesday.” I saw the video of the refs telling the coaches their decision. Frank still has his trademark stare.

    Well worth the read.

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  • If they do know the secret to defense in today’s game, perhaps Nick Wiggins will be kind enough to share.

  • Go Shocks!

    I miss Frank Martin.

  • I miss Martin too. At first I did not think much of him but over time after I learned more about him I came to respect the man a lot. Off the court, he is a very different than the persona he projects on the court. He did a long radio interview on 610 AM that really showed the other side of Frank Martin, it might still be available somewhere; if you ever have the opportunity to listen to it, it is time well spent.

  • I loved to hate Frank Martin too. I love nothing about Bruce Weber…

  • I miss watching Frank’s head glowing red like a potbelly stove. Watching him bark at players like a Marine DI tearing down recruits. I swear sometimes I’d see steam seeping out his collar!

    They just don’t make them like Frank anymore! Absolutely priceless. And on top of it all, he constantly showed the up most respect for CS and KU.

    To replace him with the penguin from Batman was over the top!

  • @drgnslayr Nice imagery!

  • @aproxinfinity Thanks for reminding me that watching Sesame Street was one of my favorite parts of having kids.

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