• not sure how many here know he this idiot is but his logic to the whole storming is basically that it was all good. he tried his best to get John Currie the K-State A.D. tried to get him to give an opinion on KU A.D. backing Curtis Townsend, Keitzman thought KU ought to offer apology for grabbing the kid by the throat he says… he says well you offered your apology, he also said if the idiot that chicken winged Jamari as coach self put it, he said if that kid got arrested that he thought Townsend ought to be arrested, making crazy statements that nobody was in danger, nobody got hurt, ya he said kid was idiot for what he done but thought Townsend was just as guilty so many ridiculous statements. Keitzman asked Currie if he thought the kid ought to have criminal charges brought against him, he says he didn’t think he had committed a crime, and asked if Currie thought he ought to be charged and Currie said a Player would be well within his rights if he wanted to file criminal charges if he felt like it. this guy is unreal. he says he feels like their is no time he felt it was apporiate for Townsend to grab this kid. WHAT YOU THINK?

  • @jayballer54

    I have not reviewed any video, or stills of the situation. But Assistant Coach Kurtis Townsend has always appeared one of the coolest, calmest coaches on the bench, and in interviews, in all the years I have been watching and listening. Rock Chalk, Coach Townsend.

  • I don’t listen to Keitzman at all. I think that Townsend was right to be concerned about that guy approaching the KU bench/ players. There was a lot going on at that moment and there were multiple people coming at the KU bench from all angles, with very little in the way of security.

    At that moment Self was being pushed up against the scorer’s table and was only protected because Bruce Weber and several K-State players - Thomas Gipson being the main one - formed a makeshift shield like security was supposed to do.

    I can’t tell if Townsend saw Traylor get hit, but he was literally being surrounded by fans jumping around. The rule I have heard circulated among most teams is that as long as celebrating fans don’t approach you, you leave them alone. This guy approached, so he had to be dealt with. Townsend didn’t punch the guy out. He locked him up and pushed him away from the KU players. In that situation, that’s what you have to do because you don’t know what is going through people’s minds in the heat of the moment.

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