Bill Self's "Day After" Schedule

  • Bill Self’s “Day After” Schedule

    8am - 8:30am Review Game Footage

    8:30am - 12pm Team Practice (hi/lo)

    12pm - 1pm Attend The Mayor’s Acceptance of the B12 Key in Lawrence

    1pm - 2pm Attend Own Firing Squad

    2pm - 5pm Team Practice (hi/lo)

    5pm - 6pm Lock Office Door and Watch Bonanza ReRun

    6pm - 7pm Round up Assistant Coaches and Start Drinking

    7pm - 12am Continue Drinking

  • Haha, love it! You can bet your azz Broocie Weber will be there at 2pm for that funeral, gah-run-teed!

    It could be ‘Bonanza’ episodes…I dont know which one our very own OkieSt cowboy would identify with: Ben, Hoss, Adam, or Little Joe? I like Joe’s white handled gun, but he’s a young shooter who makes mistakes…

    Or, as KULA might say, (since he so astutely pointed out once that Billy boy has never left the Midwest), maybe its reruns of “Hee-Haw”? Thats got little skits with “highs” & “lows”, ya there ya go…

    At least we can ‘poke a little fun, as this team is working hard to keep ku fans’ expectations solidly grounded!

    And Kstate? Even for the spinners, those curious jayhawks who opine that our rival should be a “strong” program, there’s little good here for KSU, even in victory: fans make strange in-conf court-rush, then purposely make physical contact with Jamari and Bill Self? And they’re still a sub500 club. Ya, and those idiots with zero sense of decorum arent IowaStaters this time, but effin idiots right here in KS. Someone want to spin that b.s. positively? Even in victory, ksu fans invite insults & ridicule with their boorish behavior! Come on spinners, are ya PROUD of your fellow Kansans there!!! They managed to 1-up Melvin Weathermax! Yet another fish-in-a-barrel moment brought to you by purple faithful, who never cease to keep giving me ammo to use against them…(laughter)

    We can start off lightheartedly or cutting jokes, but every season, our ultimate target is the Final4, and our fitting yardstick is our natl ranking in various statistical categories. We target fellow royalty programs. Those, along with our 08team, are appropriate benchmarks & performance ‘rivals’ to try to equal or surpass. Not KSU, who simply is a program that we should be putting out of their mizzery…

  • @drgnslayr Thanks for the laugh. Forgot about the loss for min.

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