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    After feeding my addiction with a daily dose of KUBuckets and other media outlets. I was left with my eyes squinting, my hands feeling like they just changed a diaper and my head tilting like gravity had shifted. If technology could progress to the point that it could put a symbol above ones head to represent what that person is feeling. Mine would be a big ???

    I keep hearing and reading that the Kstate and KU game is a rivalry game? I get that both schools have Kansas in their name, and have played one another quite a few times. Does playing a lot of games make it a rivalry? Does Kstate circling the dates they play KU on the calendar make it a rivalry game?

    Does any KU fan really care? Does beating Kstate really give us KU fans any bragging rights?

    Just curious how some of you feel.

    Just curious how many KU fans think the Kstate game is a rivalry game.

  • @DoubleDD

    It is most definitively an intrastate rivalry; you would be surprised how many people west of Topeka are KSU fans, particularly in football.

    It could be a more of a rivalry if KU would be better in football and KSU more consistent in basketball.

  • @DoubleDD

    This game matters to us ONLY because if we lose we have to hear whimpering bragging “meows” until the next time we play them. Otherwise… it is just another game.

    Might as well stick a fork in the Kitties this year… their done!

    That doesn’t mean we win tonight. Until we can put our foot on their throats and cut off their windpipe, you have to put a question mark beside the outcome.

  • @DoubleDD I grew up in Kansas. My older sister went to KSU and she made it a point to put KU down before I ever decided to go to KU. This was early 70’s. Silo Tech vs Snob Hill. Once I made it to KU I heard it all the time from high school friends who went to KSU. Of course Mizzou counts too.

    But in my opinion KSU always hated KU more than we hated them and the same thing goes for Mizzou. That’s how I see it.

    I know the bBall and football records don’t look like rivals in recent years-even decades-but the feelings are there.

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    See that’s my point. MU and KU was a rivalry because we hated each other. It didn’t matter what the overall record was. Yet with Kstate I feel like it’s more about their hate for KU. I call it envy, in that they want to be KU.

    In a rivalry game when your team loses, as a fan it hurts. I just don’t feel the same with Kstate. Hell we have KU fans that want to see Kstate do well. Just look at all the love for HCSynder, and that’s from KU fans.

  • I agree, that, in general, it’s not much of a rivalry because its so one sided in basketball and football. But…this game takes on the same intensity as a heated rivalry. We need to win to continue or quest for 11. They would like nothing more than to potentially keep us from achieving #11.

  • @DoubleDD Good call. For many KSU folks it is KU envy more than hate. Myself I envy Snyder’s success. I will be shocked if his successor holds a candle to him.

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    Snyder is a legend. Kstate fans are in for a shock when he calls it’s quit or dies. (no pun intended) Snyder makes Kstate football once he’s gone there’s going to be a reality check in Kstate land.

  • @DoubleDD Yep-we saw it when he left the first time. Unless he has groomed some asst. Coach much much better than the last things will change. But he is and always will be a special man/coach.

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