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  • @Statmachine Ehhhh, yah Im not even on the KU in the final four fence this year. Maybe sweet 16. Maybe. And thats IF Cliff suddenly gets a super heavy dose of Gamma radiation and turns into the Hulk, dunks everything and rejects everybody at the rim and lets no one by him in the paint. Perry eats his breakfast laced with Venom and turns into a Bane clone, absolutely mauling everyone who stands in his way. Finally, Coach Self gets a visit from future Professor X who frees his mind from the constraints of mortality which allows him to coach his team and run plays switching from inside to out and back again, all the while control the refs minds, giving them mental lapses on calls against KU and sharper eyes on calls against the other team.

    If all that happens, then I might believe a final four appearance by KU.

  • Some days it may not sound like it, but I love KU as much as anyone can imagine, but there is NO way we are going to the FF this year.

    Unless - Cliff and Wayne learn how to play ball between now and then.

    And basically the whole team learns to shoot free throws.

    And HCBS figures out that this year, we’re a better outside shooting team than most everyone else - in the country.

    And…sigh…let Greene shoot about twenty 3 pointers per game.

    I’ve been wrong before and I hope I’m wrong now - but the only way this team goes to the Final Four is if they buy tickets.

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