Staten's promenade...

  • Not the best of videos but you can see the walk…and at least one carry… .

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    Great forensic. Thx. Maybe we need an assistant coach dedicated to watching for missed calls that need appealing to the monitor.

  • @JayhawkFanToo What is the trick to watching it again instead of the Attila feed?

  • What are the NCAA rules for monitor review?

  • @wrwlumpy

    Section 3, paragraph 9: If a review will remotely, in any way shape or form benefit the University of Kansas, either now or a 100 years from now it is strictly forbidden.

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    Great question. After I posted, it occurred to me that you probably cannot review a call that was NOT made, only those that were. Pity.

  • Also, I didn’t notice the travel at the time of the game, but it stands out in this feed. However, I could not re-run it and so could not actually count what appeared too many steps.

  • @jaybate-1.0 me too. what I thought at the time was that most guards don’t get a layup at the rim when starting at the 3 point line with a spin move. Oh well. Congrats to Staten for putting them in a position to win. that was on the refs to make the call. I was impressed with Staten in his post game interview. Seems like a good kid: “Kansas is the best team in the league.”

  • My daughter and I were watching the game-she yelled “He SO traveled.”

  • Yep he did. But as bad as that missed call was, it doesn’t make up for the fact Kansas allowed itself to be in that position with missed FT’s and bad play.

  • The other damnable offense was the refs not going to review the shot clock violation that WVU scored on. I’m pretty sure that’s reviewable at any time. The coaching staff should have caught that I thought and pointed it out when it happened.

  • If I understand correctly in order to review the play, a “call” had to be made. Since no call was made, I am not sure the play is reviewable, although I could be mistaken. IMHO, the shooting clock violation should have been reviewed.

    We routinely get screwed by the refs at home…why would it be any better on the road?

  • Even in the NBA All-Star game, I did not see a player cover so much of the court bouncing the ball so few times…

  • The refs missed the shot clock and the travel that effected the end result. But WHAT IF we had only given up 20 offensive boards? We didn’t get manhandled. We got thrown around like a red-headed step child. That brings me more pain than any missed call. I cannot put myself through anymore when dealing with this game. We are still one game ahead with an easier schedule than ISU. On to TCU!!!

  • @wissoxfan83 : Here’s the rule on Shot Clock Review: Officials can use video review to confirm a shot-clock violation or determine who caused the ball to go out of bounds on a deflection involving two or more players in the final two minutes of regulation or overtime.

  • The shot clock violation earlier in the game should have been reviewed and reversed. The layup by Staten was not reviewable. To be honest, I did not see the walk initially because I was looking at our (lack of) defensive help on the play.

    Giving up an uncontested layup is unforgivable, regardless of whether he traveled or not. We did not deserve to have that call reversed even if it could be because we didn’t make the right basketball play to rotate over and help.

    I would even bet that the fact that we did not rotate may have influenced the no call. Without the defense coming over, the referee sees an uncontested layup off a spin move. Since Staten didn’t stumble or bobble the ball, there’s really nothing to see there, and the referee may have incorrectly been fooled into thinking there was no violation. If we rotate over and Staten has to take that extra step while maneuvering around a defender, now we probably get a call.

    I don’t blame the refs. I blame our defense.

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