• you know guys, just a random thought passing through my lil ol pea brain. you know that your program is at the top of the college basketball program, our prestige speaks for itself, yes I fully realize that Kentucky is THE ONLY school ranked ahead of us in all time victories, but here is what I’m trying to get to. you know that you are getting the ultimate respect when you have others schools that when they hire their coach they put incentive clauses in his contract, pay him a bonus if they beat KU and coach Self, and yes I’m talking about West Virginia. Now no, I’m not going to try an say exactly how much the incentive is cause I have heard varied amounts 25,000 or 50,000 really doesn’t matter and yes I’m sure there are some others that do that against other powers but just saying that ha a be one of the ultimate compliments to a basketball program and to the institution, it almost like someone taking out a hit on someone but not as dirty but just in money terms you know that your program is respected almost idolized just a passing thought that’s all guys GO HAWKS

  • @jayballer54 you are right!

  • Banned

    Now if we can just get 810 am talking heads to respect KU?

  • @DoubleDD assclown sports jockeys…i quit listening to sports monkeys years ago, and am much better for it. they intentionally try to piss off fan bases to get people to listen. they only way to win is to change the station.

  • @KUSTEVE They’re no different than anybody else on this board except they get paid to sit on their butts, watch games, read papers, stat sheets, and who knows, peruse comments on kubuckets. All they offer is paid opinions. I don’t watch/listen to any of them either.

  • @jayballer54

    I remember how big a deal this was years ago concerning Alabama football. Everyone wanted to beat “Bear” Bryant, so the stakes became huge for any coach that could beat him.

  • Does anyone else in our league get xtra to beat us?

  • Anyone catch this brilliance from Keegs?

    6 - Villanova: When Villanova defeated Kansas, 63-59, in the Bahamas, the outcome was painted as a stunner. But the reality is ‘Nova has been a better team than Kansas the past two seasons, posting a 52-7 record. Kansas has played a tougher schedule, but also has lost twice as many games.

    Is Keegs aware that was last year? If you rank a team on what they did last year Michigan, Michigan St. and UConn all need to be moved up Keegs

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