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  • So I know we got the anti-Gottlieb thread going (deservedly so), and the Baylor chat, but I thought I’d start a thread to post our thoughts on the game now. The chat is good for the game, but after the fact scrolling through trying to find where the in-game reaction ends and the post-game analysis starts is tedious. So, without further adieu…

    How ironic that after weeks and months of talking about the strength of this team being outside shooting and how we needed to be playing more outside-in that today we saw a return of the inside game. Perry was outstanding, and Lucas played exceptionally well down the stretch. Very happy for Landon. As I’ve said repeatedly, he isn’t the most skilled and definitely not someone you want to rely upon game in, game out, but for a 4th big he is pretty solid. In fact, as Traylor continues to regress/slump, he might very well be our 3rd best option down low.

    Regarding the outside shooting, I would say this game is a perfect illustration as to why you keep working on the basic fundamentals of Self’s offense. When the 3-pointers dry up, you have to be able to score in other ways. They did that today, while shooting 6-18 from beyond the arc. That’s not horrible for an off-game, but you aren’t going to win many shooting 33% unless you have other options.

    One of the biggest of our other options was getting to the free throw line and converting. After being down on Wayne for awhile (even despite his recent uptick in outside shooting), it was nice to see him finish inside the arc and draw a couple “and 1s”. Him and Mason being able to drive to the hoop, and have opponents respect those drives, is a huge part of our non-3point attack.

    Mason’s streak of double-digit scoring games comes to an end. While I love the 8 assists to 2 turnovers, as well as another hustle play highlight where he saved the ball on the baseline, I thought he continued to show signs of wear. Really wish we would be seeing Devonte more. 12 minutes? I really loved the 5-second call he drew on Cherry at the end of the first half. Conversely, they replayed and commented on this play during the game, but when Mason shot a 3-pointer that immediately led to a Baylor scoring in transition I just shook my head. Even before the run-out I thought it was a bad shot and decision.

    Anyway, good win. Anxious to see how we fair in Morgantown. One last thing, was I the only one that thought it was an offensive foul when Medford came skying down the lane attempting a posterizing dunk and basically stiff-armed the defender? Of course it was not even mentioned in that light by the announcers, but it was one of, if not the worst calls of the game, IMO.

  • @icthawkfan316 who was our guy on that? You summed it up beautifully!! Hitting the boards better 2nd half and making free throws was huge!!

  • @icthawkfan316

    I have been saying all along that Coach Self wanting to improve the inside game was the right thing to do, particularly when the 3-pt shooting goes south. If you take Oubre’s shooting out, the rest of the team shot 2-12 from 3…thank God (and Coach Self) the inside game worked well and saved the day.

    Oubre had great day and so did the much maligned Perry, Selden and Lucas. Except for the first 10 minutes of the game, KU played a solid even when unspectacular game. Its is so sweeeeeeet to win the ones that look like loses.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I think Lucas was the one who got the stiff-arm, but not 100% sure.

    @JayHawkFanToo I know you have.

    I’m not saying that the people who have been advocating for the shooting of more 3s are wrong. Today the 3-pt shooting went south, but we’ve had far many more games where it’s been the other way around. The point is, you have to have both. You have to work on both. I think the frustration a lot of fans have is that they don’t think we work on, game plan, or scheme for 3-point looks. And I understand that frustration. But we do have to keep trying to get Perry on track, and get Cliff engaged, and Selden driving, etc.

    When watching the '08 championship season DVD one of the things Self says is that we’re much tougher to guard when you have to defend all 5 positions. Have to have balance, or you become easy to defend regardless of whatever screens and actions fans want Self to start running.

  • @icthawkfan316 it all starts w/throwing it in, side to side and all the rest you said.

  • @icthawkfan316

    I absolutely agree. You need to have a complete game and not be one dimensional. Look what happened in the second half of the OSU game, they got on the face of our 3 point shooters and our 3 point shooting went south. Regardless how well you scheme to open up the 3 point game, there is another team on the court scheming to deny it…and most teams in the Big 12 are really good.

  • “If I just tried to do the popular thing as a coach, I wouldn’t be around very long.” Bill Self feature during a Time Out. I got his back also Crimson!

  • The only reason our inside game was better is because Baylor zone is tailored to close out on shooters. We didn’t have too many open 3’s that weren’t caused by penetration or cross court passes. We needed the inside buckets and it’s nice to know that once in a while we can hang on it.

    Besides that what a rough first half and not the way we should have come out. Credit Baylor for wanting the revenge but in the end Allen Fieldhouse. Happy we got the Win, now to west Virginia and hopefully the effort is there

  • No other venue has the ambiance of Allen Field House during an afternoon game.


  • More minutes coming up for Lucas.


  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @icthawkfan316 it all starts w/throwing it in, side to side and all the rest you said.

    But not over the middle and into the seats.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 it was Cliff he was trying posterize and gave the Heisman to.

  • @FarSideHawk thx!!!

  • I think we tried to play the Outside In game tonight (38% of shots were from trey!). However, it is the Inside game and pretty solid FTs saved the day. It is good to have options! RCJH!

  • Post Deleted – Modified. Tomorrow is a new day!

  • @HighEliteMajor Agreed. Going forward, I think what concern me most is the continued development of Cliff.

  • @HighEliteMajor No one has suggested we be one-dimensional, no. What is frustrating is that today we have a good game inside, and no not one where we post up back to the basket and score via a traditional post move, but a game that was won via drives, putbacks, and attempts in the paint that drew fouls and netted free throws, and instead of celebrating a win, the good game by Lucas, Selden scoring inside the arc, etc. it’s STILL all about playing outside-in. Instead of just saying “good for Lucas”, it’s about diminishing his performance with the can’t hang our hat on that in March comment. I don’t think anyone here was suggesting we’d found a dominant post presence inside because Lucas had a good game today and that all of our inside troubles were now solved. But today he got the job done. Today that is good enough for me.

    You are one of the small handful of posters whose opinions and analysis I follow religiously. I respect your basketball intellect as much as anyone on this site. But really, “that’s what we’re talking about.”??? Feel free to change the narrative a bit.

    I’m not saying to convert to the “enjoy the ride” crowd. I know that’s not you, and one of the things I enjoy about your posts is that you have big picture vision. I just think maybe you’ve gotten a little too drawn into this feud.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Post Deleted at HEM’s request.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Here’s a deal for you … I’ll delete my entire post. I’m going to start over with you. Do as I would do with someone I might know personally. I apologize for my part in this silly back and forth. I extend my hand to you, and we can start over. You’ll see my post is deleted above. If you want to delete yours, you can, or not. We’ll start a new narrative tomorrow.

  • Oh man, I wish I had read this thread earlier to see what HEM said… This game does demonstrate that there are so many ways to win a game…and a good team needs to be able to do them all. Attacking the basket and FTs won the game for us when we weren’t hot from outside (other than KO). I’m not enough of an X and O guy to know if we went about attacking that zone the right way or not. Clearly this was an example of an AFH win. Also, as I noted on the other thread, Baylor had one guy that played 38 mins. and 3 others that played 34. We had one that played 34 and everyone else less. That had to have helped down the stretch when we outplayed them. Concerns for the long run:Still only playing one good half. Cliff’s not earning the minutes everyone thinks that we need out of him.

  • I manage a team of 5. As their leader, their results are my results.

    I have three very high performers. (Three point shots)

    I have two very low performers. (inside/out game)

    If I want my TEAM to be the best that it can be, wouldn’t I spend more time working on the deficient low performers?

    Some say, 20% of your customers will take 80% of your time.

    This year, the inside/out game is taking 80% of the coaching. That is what Self does. He pushes the buttons that need pushed the most.

    I understand that you should coach to your strengths, but there is also an importance to lifting your floor up, too.

  • We attacked their zone much better in the 2nd half,and we won the game at the charity stripe. We were down 23-10, so we out scored them by 23 points from the low point of the game. Three point shooting kept us in the game, and attacking the rim allowed us to put the game away. For us “3ball all the timers” (myself included), this was an object lesson why Coach makes the big bucks. Our inside game saved the day. My thought after the game? We looked like a complete team today, with offense that scored all over the court, after a terrible start.

    We have 6 reg season games to go…

    6-0 Number 11

    5-1 Number 11

    4-2 Number 11

    3-3 Number 11 with one (1) Clone loss.

    Either way it turns out, this has been a very fun ride. I love this team, love the way they fight…did you see Frank extend FACE FIRST under the basket to make a brilliant save of a ball going out of bounds? Another play of the year. Let’s relish this sweet victory, because a storm is coming. A full court, balls to the wall, aggressive in our face defense is coming…“something wicked this way comes”. This is a WVU defense that throws everything but the kitchen sink at you. They are ranked number 1 in the nation in steals, in turnovers against…etc. They are the real deal. In their game of the year. Rarely does any world class organization make its way into Morgantown, so the arrival of KU to their sleepy little town will be big news. Hillbillies jammed into the rafters…ESPN in town…this could be the biggest sporting event they’ve ever seen. So, we will have our hands full for sure.

  • Bill Self really is expert in his savvy to plug players into his lineup. Lucas rose to the occasion in this contest. KU fortunate in housing such a variety of player options. Speaks well to our recruiting at this juncture of Self’s tenure. Mickelson, a freshman record setter at Arkansas, three years later and more practiced, can barely glean a minute during crucial court time. We sometimes forget just how talented many of our bench players really are.

  • @KUSTEVE WVU defense (Something wicked this way comes!). Good stuff, Steve.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I have deleted my post as you requested for the sake of harmony in the Forum. I stand by what I wrote and I sincerely hope you mean what you said.

    I want to thank the members that reached out in support. Let’s hope that today is indeed a new day.

  • @KUSTEVE also remember Huggins gets a big bonus if he beats KU. So im sure he will be on the mountaneers to perform. 🙂

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