Kevin Kietzman's war on KU.

  • I left my store at six yesterday to go to another meeting. AM 610 had something inane on so I switched to 810, forgetting that Kietz had an 6pm highlight show of that days program highlights. I had already learned that Self had imposed a 4 game suspension of snacks and that he had done six months of pee testing and had paid his misdemeanor fine of over $1,000. His biggest crime had been in not telling Self of the situation. So the program I was listening to featured the KU weekly segment with Tom Keegan. OK, I’ll always listen to any show about KU. Then the rant began. Here are some of the things that came out of Kietzman’s mouth. “we know that player’s smoke, I’m sure they probably all do at KU, I’m sure they probably do it with Howard and just laugh at how they all can get around the rules.” Keegan said, but they do have to undergo drug testing. Keitz: “They’ve got trainers that can easily beat those drug test. I think we all know that at the end of this day that he will have to resign.” Later when the announcement came out, he said, “They just did this so that Howard won’t take his recruits to K-State.” the Beat writers are having a field day with Kevin. Why do I let myself listen to that show in the afternoon. THC is the one item being tested that in this modern day is impossible to cover. It stays in your system for over a month. If you are invited to the NCAA Tourney, all players and coaches are tested.

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    " “They just did this so that Howard won’t take his recruits to K-State.”"

    Then the players would definitely smoke weed!

  • @wrwlumpy He’s a KSU grad lump. Plus a tremendous big mouth that wants guys to phone in that he can badger on the air. If one disagrees with him then he keeps the cycle churning to get more ratings. Their brand is waning. Noticed a few weeks ago that the 810 sports zone bar & grill is now closed in Leawood. Poor quality, overpriced bar food & flat draft beef doesn’t cut it. Controversy may help in the short term, but it only lasts so long. 610 sports radio is basically a fox affiliate & I don’t seem to hear as many haters there about anything-like you do everything on 810. He’s always been especially jealous of Kansas BB & hammers it whenever he can. LMAO at KK late last Aug hammering hell out of Ned Yost & Moore on the “fold” the Royals were undergoing then only to gleefully swallow & then slobber praises in Oct. Jack Harry (channel5) is only one I can remember being so utterly biased against KU & he’s a misery guy, but 810’s ratings are going down & he’s trying to save the ship. Is similar to Gottlieb with pseudo knowledge & self proclaimed expertise about everything & really doesn’t know squat. Fact, Gottlieb used to be on his show weekly when he was with espn & that was really a pair to draw from. With nothing else for subject matter & real no x & o knowledge, controversy is basically all he has to go on. Only has some decent guests because of the affiliation with espn. Not much in the gas tank or upstairs either lump. He’s barely hangin on by his fingernails just like Bruce Weber. JMO

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  • @wrwlumpy Well actually the amount of THC that stays in your system depends on how much and how often you smoke and how much water you drink and how fast your metabolism is and how heavy or light a person is. Its lots of factors. It can stay in your system for up to 45 days or longer. It can also be gone in as quick as a few days. Like I said, it depends on a lot of things. It doesn’t just stay in your system for that long in everyone who tries it. Am I outing myself a bit here? Yeah, I used to smoke weed when I was younger and I lived in Lawrence. I learned through trial and error how fast or slow THC can get out of my system. NOW, Im much older and wiser and I dont partake anymore. But I am also medically trained for a living and have done some actual research on the topic.

    On Kietzman. This guy sounds like Jack Harry’s best friend. Who cares what that a-hole thinks or says.

    Aaaaand, I just realized I left myself wide open for lots of jokes and possibly some hating too. ah well, its cool. I can deal with it.

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    Experience is simply the name we give our mistakeas - Oscar Wilde

  • @Lulufulu everyone must be cutting you some slack!!

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    I recall a friend saying the police in Lawrence used to use the Oreo test. If they pulled you over and found an empty Oreo package in your car after 10PM they took you in. Rim shot. 🙂

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    What do you think of this business with Snacks? Is it going to end here, or will there be more drama at a later date?

  • @jaybate-1.0 a friend?

  • Banned


    I would smoke it today if it was legal, but it’s not.

    I always marvel at those that condemn cannabis, while popping the top off a cold beer. Not realizing how many people die from the use of Alcohol every year. Just saying.

  • Keitzman, schmeitzman, the guy is a KSU schmendrick.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Snacks: Is it going to end here, or will there be more drama at a later date? I would imagine that if Jerrance delivers a footer who fits into Self Ball much more quickly than Miles Turner has adjusted to Barnes Ball (whatever THAT might be), diehard fans will cut Jerrance and Bill lotsa slack. Matter of fact, if Cliff should take a giant step up the ladder before midMarch, Snacks will glean a whopping fine boost. Coupla huge IFs…

  • @REHawk but, what if it hurts our chances?

  • @DoubleDD Its tens of thousands of people every year I am sure, from alcohol. Maybe more.

    It wont be long before Lawrence decriminalizes “the refer” Heck, I was at a party many years ago in lawrence, got broken up by the police, pot smoke everywhere and noone got arrested, the cops just told everyone to be quiet and/or go home.

  • @DoubleDD just curious, would you want your kids to use it, knowing the proven med. Facts?

  • I happen to think that weed should not be legalized. You can compare to alcohol all you want. I don’t buy the argument that it should be legalized because it is no worse than alcohol (and that is debatable). Alcohol is bad for society. Yes…I do drink alcohol. Just because alcohol is legal does not justify making pot legal. If you could convince me that there was a reliable test to keep people from driving while under the influence of pot…then I would care much less if it were legalized. Also, just because a lot of people think it should be legalized does not mean that it should. People don’t always know what is right for them. That being said, I understand the argument that it should be a person’s choice to smoke or not. I think that is a valid argument. Just my opinion.

  • The Governor of Colorado is on the record saying:

    “If I could’ve waved a wand the day after the election, I would’ve reversed the election. This was a bad idea,”

    So much for that…

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    Well as a parent you don’t want you’re children to do anything that would harm their body or their mind.

    However the argument of cannabis is really pointless. I say if it’s legal for someone to go to a bar and get drunk. Then why is Cannabis not legal? That’s the question that needs to be asked. Remember Cannabis was legal at one point in this country.

    Thousands if not hundred of thousands of innocent person have been killed by those that chose to drink and drive. Alcohol has wrecked millions of families and destroyed many of livers. Yet there is no plethora of voices clamoring for it’s demise.

    Smoking cannabis or taking it orally is no more harmful than someone drinking a 12 pack of beer or a bottle of whisky. Think about it? It’s like someone saying hey buddy I can drink my whisky but you can’t smoke your pot?

    @Crimsonorblue22 the fact of the matter is there are lots of things I don’t want my children to do. However our society is one born of freedom, and though I could and will try to keep my children safe. In the end they most choose what path they shall walk. Trying to just eliminate the things that one may find harmful from the plethora of choices never really works.

  • @DoubleDD I’m not a huge fan of alcohol either! I just wondered what you thought. You watch the game? ❤💙

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  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    would you want your kids to use it

    I wonder what happen’s if we rephrase the question… Would you want your kids to drink Pinot Noir knowing the proven med facts? My son was over last weekend and he had a glass with some pasta I made, we all survived okay. 🙂

    Responsibly and sporadically, I’d have to go with yes.

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