Svi Elephant in the room??

  • Maybe I’ve missed comments as most of my browsing is done on a small mobile device, and somewhat limited. But I’m curious if anyone else might be of the opinion that Svi may have possibly told Self of plans to return to Europe after this season. That’s the vibe I’m getting.

  • Or has Self simply shortened his bench as he is wont to do. He seems to be playing 9 consistently except for the 1st game of that 3 in 6 days game at TCU.

  • Most every coach including Self believe that a 7-8 player is the ideal rotation and by March (barring injuries) this is pretty much the rotation they play. Calipari was asked on Game Day (at Ames) what was the ideal rotation and his answer was “7 and 6-1/2 would be even better.” so Coach Self is not the only one zeroing on a rotation of 7-8 players and Svi has not played well enough to be part of that rotation. This the current rotation in order (in my opinion) of play time,

    • Current starters: Mason, Ellis, Selden, Oubre,Traylor
    • First of the bench: Green, Alexander, Graham
    • Long rotation: Lucas, Mickelson, Svi

  • I think Self is just doing what he has always done. 8 man rotation, sometimes 9 (Luca). Svi is the odd man out.

  • @Blown

    I have proposed it a few times back in early January when his migration out of the rotation began incrementally, but not in free standing posts, just in some remarks within other posts.

    His parents reportedly came for a visit and since their visit, Svi has disappeared.

    It could mean a lot of things.

    What we know for sure, is that at 17, he is very young.

    We also know that Svi could not shoot it well, when he was getting a lot of PT, and tapering off made it worse. His FG% from the floor is terrible, down in the low 30s. His 3pt% is only .333. Brannen and Devonte are sharply better at both, and Devonte can guard, and Brannen has improved from bad to shaky on defense, and has shot the lights out from trey.

    Svi will probably get a look in Lubbock.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I sure hope so

  • @jaybate-1.0 You seem to pay attention to height. Last night it looked as though Svi has been growing. If he has had a growth spurt he would probably need time to adjust. Was it my tv or is he getting taller?

  • I thought his legs seemed bigger, filled out. Love those eyes!

  • @jayhawkeyes

    He definitely looked heavier. I’m not sure about height. But thanks for calling it to my attention.

    At seventeen, it sure makes sense he might have another growth spurt.

    Wouldn’t that be awesome if he did!!!

    I did notice that he is unfortunately still a step slow going over screens.

    And his confidence seems kind of rocked.

    But there was a player in their beginning of the season and that just doesn’t go away, even when a player is going through some kind of a rebuild.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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