Selden, Selden, Selden...

  • but for moving in and out of the paint on the defensive end of the court, please, please, please stay away from the basket with the ball in your hands! You have shot your feet all to hell with so many bullets, I can’t imagine any toes left hanging from the stubs of your arches. You are absolutely slaughtering your squad with missed dunks, layups and bunnies. Congratulations, however, on your long ball. Not exactly a saving grace, but a very significant and recently dependable contribution.

  • @REHawk Traylor 6 turnovers in 10 less minutes. Graham pouts up a goose egg. Perry Disappeared when the game got tight. Clanked 3 straight shots when we needed him. My only wish was that Selden Jr. shot the ball more. I can get over his 4 turnovers, dude was a Road Warrior today along with Cliff.

  • @REHawk said:

    @KansasComet Yeah, I know, I know. But JamTray never was a Top 10 Recruit, McD’s All American.

    Hawk: Tray is in the starting 5 he has got to produce.

  • Well, I tried thrice to edit my “Yeah, I know…” posting, but was not allowed to do so. Some kind of glitch on this thread, I suppose.

  • @REHawk I agree. At least he only “slaughtered” the squad with one shot inside the arc. But it is sad to see him reduced to a one-dimensional player.

  • @icthawkfan316 It isn’t just “shots inside the arc.” I am traveling, so don’t have access to my DVR for reviewing; but it seems as tho Wayne flubbed repetitively, either shooting or trying to bull into the paint today. Maybe I have merely grown gun shy of his EVER taking the ball to the hoop…so my mind automatically flips into panic mode.

  • @REHawk I think I inadvertently messed it up for you on my reply. Don’t know what happened, my bad.

  • @KansasComet No Problema, mi amigo. I was merely burbling.

  • @REHawk I’m ready to send him to the optometrist. I mean, why not? He’s not too young to be farsighted right? All the Doc can say is there’s nothing wrong. He’s missed more damn bunnies than Elmer Fudd & Yosemite Sam put together…

  • Selden made some 3s today, but that’s it. No rebounds in 34 minutes. This for a guy who is 6’5" and 200 lbs plus and supposedly has an NBA body. This game isn’t an anomaly - he contributes nothing on the boards and while his on the ball defense is generally solid, if his man gets by him, he gives up. He does not block out. No steals. 4 bad turnovers. No handle at all - he is one-handed and clueless when going into the paint in traffic. He has been the biggest disappointment this year by far - really expected him to step up this year and it hasn’t happened.

  • From 18:59 to 17:59 Traylor lets OSU back in the game. He stands flat footed while Nash dunks over Mason, commits a turnover while inbounding the ball and gets scored on by Newberry. Gets dunked on again at the 17:59 mark. The score goes from Kansas 42-30 to Kansas 42-38. Traylor gave up 6 of the 8 points. Not sure who fouled Nash for the two free throws, he may have done that as well. That is when the momentum of the game shifted it took one minute and Traylor was the primary culprit.

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