TGIF in Hell

  • –>Interim KSU Head Coach Bruce Weber is in a real jam. KSU is nearing the time where it needs to hire a permanent coach and Bill Self has not moved any where lately that Bruce could follow him to.

    –>Interim KSU Head Coach Bruce Weber continued: now Bruce has to make do without his leading scorer and a player not to be named here later, because, well, because the players violated some team rules. No word on whether the devil made them do it.

    –>ACC: the conference from hell–Anyone notice that Danny Manning is taking quite a pasting this first season at Wake Forest in that devilishly difficult, 15-team ACC? His Evil Elders, er, Demon Deacons are 11-12 overall and 3-7 in the conference from hell, which leaves him in 12th place. The good news is his team has won the last two against penultimate cellar dweller in ACC Hades, Virginia Tech, and 8th place NC State Hell Hounds, er, Wolf Pack. Watch out Danny! The ACC appears to be the devil’s play ground. Say your prayers and stick to the straight and narrow.

    –>ACC: the conference from hell continued:–NC State appeared on the rise for awhile, but no longer in the conference from hell. Perhaps NC State would like to join WVU in an eastern division of the B12? Maybe the devil made me say it?

    –>ACC: the conference from hell continued–its getting hot down there. Syrexcuse bans itself? What’s next? UNC banning itself?

    –>ACC: the conference from hell continued–Syrexcuse Self Banning Ritual. I read the ESPN story and I still can’t quite figure out what all they are banning themselves for, except that Fab Melo seems a part of it. Further, Jim Boeheim appears ambiguously caught up the paradoxical realm of Syrexcuse banning its team from post season play, without banning them from regular season play, and without appearing to ban Jim Boeheim for anything. Will Jim Boeheim join the new wing of the “I didn’t know” hall of fame for coaches? This new wing is for those that didn’t know anything about what they were self banned for!

    –>ACC: the conference from hell continued–Coach K, ironically the coach of a team called the Blue DEVILS, who reputedly did not know about the jewelry tastes of one of his players a few years back, appeared quick to defend the virtue of Coach Boeheim and new conference from hell member, Syrexcuse. Interesting that Roy Williams has apparently not spoken out similarly.

    –>ACC: the conference from hell continued–Break out the shamrocks. Notre Dame, which could have joined the comparatively saintly Big 12, but instead opted for joining a conference of souls apparently in need of saving, finds itself flourishing in its association with the damned. Glory, glory be, the lads with the luck of the Irish find themselves fly fishing in the conference equivalent of the River Styxx, and are in second place. Perhaps they will resort to an exorcism to move above Virginia in first place. First place in the ACC is also known as the outer most ring of the inferno. All is fair in the nether regions, when fighting the devil himself. Imagine Notre Dame ahead of Louisville, Duke, North Carolina, and Syracuse. Its a miracle, Father, though the fires be a wee bit hot right now.

    –>Things are so devilishly bad in college basketball that the broadcasters that report the players getting suspended are getting suspended. Yo, Greg Anthony, have your agent talk to Hugh Grant’s agent and get some public relations tips ASAP, before someone nicknames you the solicitor general and it sticks.

    –>Replacing Greg Anthony with Bill Raftery is like swearing off hookers and ordering a Bushmills.

    (Note: all satire. No malice.)

  • It’s not too late for KSU to fix their problems.

    First… fire Weber.

    Second… visit Santa Fe, NM, late at night and bring a shovel.

    Third… move the coffin of Jack Hartman back to Manhattan.

    Fourth… move out some animal husbands and midwives from one of the farm buildings to make room for the coffin.

    Fifth… stick an AM radio with Mildcat game action beside Jack’s coffin.

    Sixth… aim a laser beam microphone on the coffin to record movements during Mildcat games.

    Seventh… develop an iPhone application to send the live recordings to someone on a phone.

    Eighth… hire someone and call him “coach” who has great interpretative skills and doesn’t mind being on the phone for a couple of hours at a time.

    Ninth… actually… omit #1. Keep Weber and buy him a new phone!

    Laser Beam Eavesdropping

    (some malice intended)

  • @drgnslayr


    Only amendment.

    Stop at Roswell and pick up the alien cadavers.

  • @drgnslayr

    🙌 A Maser, some well placed clouds ✈️and a humidifier might also do the trick without ever moving the coffin?

    Amazing what Leon Theremin started.

  • @drgnslayr It would make a great episode for “Ancient Aliens”…

  • @jaybate-1.0 Here’s a good one for you: jross asks me to “come back” to KUSports, although I have posted exactly 1 post there in my life. Here is my response:

    “I never posted on KUSports, but I enjoy your insights. And no…you can’t have Jaybate,lol. That’s giving pearls to swine…lol. ( I am referencing others, who continue to attack him on KUSports). Hey, do me a favor…kick Rodney in the groin for me…lol”

  • @KUSTEVE While I generally respect Gary Bedore as a hard worker, I remember he was a vocal opponent of anonymous posting. Hey, Gary, the posters have become much more civilized now that they are on Facebook, right?

  • @KUSTEVE I have always liked calling it “dressing a pig in a white shirt”…

  • @KUSTEVE I got the same request to “come back” to KUSports.

    I actually go there often…for the articles and to listen to the interviews. But I have no desire to participate in any discussions over there.

  • @icthawkfan316 Agreed. I read every single article but I won’t post. Since the creation of KU Buckets the comments on KU Sports have become less and less informed. A lot of the posts are quite negative which is a bummer. Used to be a great daily thread to read through.

  • @ParisHawk Such a good point! The did away w anonymity to curtail the personal attacks. Now they go after each other even more. LMFAO! When the good posters left, that just created a vacuum for others to fill. Unfortunately, those posters have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation, so they personally attack to get attention. Smh

  • @ZIG It is an ugly mess over there. Rodney the troll keeps 7 fights going all the time.

  • @KUSTEVE Yes, he’s quite skilled at keeping conflict going. He’s like a child who has to get the last word every time. The shame is that he actually does have some intelligent takes, they just tend to be overly pessimistic and he can’t handle and sort of challenges to that pessimism. I learned my lesson long ago to not engage him, as Mark Twain once said, “Never argue w fools, onlookers might not be able to tell the difference.”



    It feels like a game day here for sure!

    KU Basketball has room for all kinds of sites and we all need to be friendly.

    AND…we all need to be grateful for our gracious fellow Jayhawk fans that put this site up, keep it going, and give us a place to cheer from in the way we like to cheer.

    Rock Chalk!!!

  • I have read ALL of the 15 posts above !! To summarize "it seems like the “old” site ‘KU Sports’ sucks, has no class and can’t match ether the discussion level or the intelligent level of the ‘Posters’ here on KU Buckets. ALL of the POSTERS here on KU Buckets are pleasant, fun to read, and enjoyable!

    Thank YOU … APPROX for starting this site … YOU should be proud of yourself for ‘YOUR contribution’ to the JAYHAWKS Sports Family !!

  • @icthawkfan316

    Ditto for me. I guess many of us got the same request. On professional forums I post with my own name, on sports forums, I prefer the anonymity as I have heard horror stories resulting from using your real name. My Facebook account is restricted to very close friends and family and I would not want it invaded by trolls.

    I go to the other forum occasionally to read stories and look at game pictures; Nick Krug is excellent.

  • @RedRooster IMO the face gate fiasco on the old site was the best thing that could’ve happen. @approxinfinity & @bskeet had the vision & expertise to start this blog & we’ve gathered pretty much the best of the best board rats from kusports & beyond. We’ve also 30 - 40 guests at any given time which is great too. Virtually devoid of trolls & instigators for over a year now speaks volumes to that we enjoy. Most contributors here are much more open minded to thoughts other than their own, incredibly more intellectual and vast in true game knowledge, and do not feel the need for attention, good or bad, that is rampant on almost any blog. Personally I think we’ve all hit the friggin jackpot here and is hands down, greater in one year than the other site ever was. Plus I can’t neglect to mention one, @civilhawk either, whom if you see his profile, quite tactfully responds only when necessity calls, and dig it-has not had to respond in almost a year. Damn men, it’s game day !! And yes I’ll drink to that !!

  • @JayHawkFanToo Check out my friend’s photography site at Really great Christian person & one heckuva photographer also. He does work for the Royals, Chiefs, BG 12, Baylor, & has had many pics in SI, KCstar, Foxsports, etc. Only bad thing about Jeff (just teasing )is he’s a Baylor grad. I’m still pestering him for my press pass to the BG12 tournament, but the ship hasn’t yet come in. Maybe this is the year ! We wanted Jeff to do our kids wedding in Southbend 5 years ago but unfortunately was booked too far in advance to work out the logistics. We actually both had dogs named Woody at the same time. He’s many pics of his Champion Golden on his site. But I still always told him my Woody (Woodrow) was bigger than his Woody.

  • @globaljaybird Hope the both of you keep your woodies to yourself. 😉

  • @globaljaybird

    I will be sure to check the site…

  • @brooksmd

    Laugh of the day…

  • @brooksmd

    Talk about wood…this is hilarious…

  • @JayHawkFanToo Big fan of Big Bang and especially Penny. 😉

  • @brooksmd

    Love Penny 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • @RedRooster Upvote for the Rooster because …he’s the prolific upvoter, and he always makes my day with his upvotes…good on you, Mr. Rooster.

  • @KUSTEVE (picture Rob Schneider on SNL)

    The ROOSTER man, upvoting posts, making my day.

    Roo-ster Mei-ster…Bringing the up votes.

  • Before HD and back when Self had his own hair before the plugs. Closing out the Hearnes Center at Mizzou.

  • Since we’re kind of talking about KUBuckets, is there any way to go back and find my old topics that I have posted?

  • @wissoxfan83 go into your profile on a cpu and you should see your older posts.

  • Well Maybe just a few recent ones. I could be mistaken.

  • @Blown My profile just shows recent ones unfortunately.

  • @wissoxfan83 You might try sending @approxinfinity a chat message - I’ll bet he knows! I’d like to be able to access some old ones every once in a while myself.

  • @nuleafjhawk I’d like to see if I’m getting smarter or dumber since this thing started, although I think I know the answer!

  • @wissoxfan83 we could vote?

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