Jayhawks Win Another National Championship Posthumorously

  • The Death of Orange basketball -

    Syracuse self-imposes ban

    Any chance they want to do the right thing and disqualify themselves from OUR 2003 National Championship? It wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

    Couldn’t it be true they have two guys named “Melo” that should be ruled ineligible?

    Anyone know the details of this case? It must be pretty severe if they are banning themselves!

    How about if they start playing pre-conf games outside of the Carrier Dome? They can start by booking Wichita State down there in Wichita…

    I’d like to say I feel their pain… but… NAAAAH!

    Filmed at 11…

  • I’m wondering what UNC will get in punishment. I get the feeling they will be judged like Wall Street and considered too big to fail. Such a sad state of affairs.

  • @wrwlumpy

    It is a sad day in college basketball. First, that they are probably too big to fail. Second… think about all the teams that lost to them while their players were busy studying.

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