What to expect tonight....

  • What kind of game is everyone expecting tonight?

    I’m not good at predictions, that’s why I keep my money in my pocket and not with a bookie.

    But if I was to guess how the game will go tonight… it would be like this:

    1. Kansas gets out early. We bring lots of early energy and push out to a lead. The crowd is loud, and it looks like an easy win.

    2. ISU finally starts scoring. They start scoring and we’re still scoring, so the lead stays about the same.

    3. ISU starts a charge. For the first time, ISU starts to whittle down our lead. For the first time they start getting a few easy baskets.

    4. Kansas pushes back. Self calls a time-out, and the guys start pushing back the lead, perhaps there is a play to trigger this, like one of Wayne’s blocks or Cliff’s throw downs.

    5. (3.) and (4.) keep recycling until the last few minutes.

    6. ISU makes their last push. They get it close or maybe even tie it.

    7. Kansas finally takes the lead for good.

    Kansas 79 - ISU 72

    What makes this a game closer than it should be is the brief periods when Kansas lets down with energy. Fred knows this is his opportunity to make up ground. So does his team. They will play like Ali and “rope a dope”… ready for the energy drop and then pounce on some scoring.

    We may really need the services of a player like Brannen. If we start slumping we need to run offense for Brannen. A few of his 3s can keep us from a major dip. Our only possibility of losing is if we fall into a major dip. Brannen often answered the calling on Saturday against KSU, and he saved us from big dips.

    This is my prediction… anyone else have a prediction?

  • @drgnslayr sounds good to me! This will be the first trip here for the transfers, if they thought hilton hole was loud…

  • I think we win 85-70. Why? Our guys want revenge Kelly said “we owe them” I think this game will be similar to when we lost to Texas last year and then came back and smack them in the mouth when they came to Allen for the rematch. I know our games with ISU have been close lately and they are a worthy opponent, I just think our guys will want this game and we have the talent to take it handily.

  • 75-65, good guys.

    Speaking of Brannen–is there a site out there that tracks ‘first shot field goal percentage?’

    I don’t know if its just that I remember his first shot more than others, but it seems to me like he has been money on his first 3 of every game except a just a couple of times. This dates back to last year.

  • P.S. Whatever happened to Franks minutes going down with the return of Devonte? That is not holding true.

  • @Blown

    Yeah… I think Devonte has taken more minutes away from Wayne and maybe Brannen.

  • Didn’t see this thread and created one. Feel free to ignore mine!

  • @drgnslayr Late game HCBS has benched Wayne for BG when we have the lead, presumably for his FG & FT %'s. So far has worked so until it doesn’t or we need the late stop, it’s the MO. DG is getting min from everyone except our 4 & 5 spots, but that can be an area of adjustment late also. Bill has a good bench that is becoming tried & true, so I’m really looking forward to March this year for the many options available. Heaven forbid we lose someone to a big injury going forward. We were definitely not the same beast without the 2 headed monster of FM & DG, but our depth in the frontcourt may be the real 900 lb gorilla.

  • @drgnslayr The first team to 70 wins 90% 0f the time but it may be 80 tonight, like in Ames.

  • My prediction is the opposite. Not sure why but I see a 2012 Missouri type game here. ISU is playing with house money. They already did their job and won at Ames. They dropped a bad one on the road at TTU but I see them coming out playing loose, firing 3’s and getting out to a 10 point lead if not more. KU comes out playing with too much emotion and ends up being worse for it.

    Self makes 2nd half adjustments and we start getting easy layups and dunks against an ISU team that has blown their entire load and has a short bench. KU by 8 in a great 2nd half comeback.

  • Living in the Middle of Cyclone nation, I don’t know if my ego and pride can take anymore trolling from ignorant, little dog syndrome ISU fans.

  • FWIW, the Vegas line is now KU -7 , which is a little more than the home court advantage which usually is somewhere between 3-6 points.

    I can see several scenarios for the way this game could go and, to certain extent, they all seem feasible. ISU likes to run and gun and 12 of the 16 games they won they scored in the 80s and in 3 of the games they won in which they did not scored in the 80s, the won by 2 points against WVU, OSU and by 6 against KSU. ISU averages 80 ppg to KU 72 ppg . On the other hand, in the 4 games they lost they scored 63, 60, 73 and 73 points.

    The numbers would suggest that the best way to win is to keep them in the 60s, which means slow down and play solid defense. KU has proven it can win low scoring games, ISU not so much. Just my opinion.

  • @JhawkAlum My condolences on living in the land of hogs, corn, Melvin Weatherwax, & -40 below windchills. Working field construction in winter in Iowa is a living nightmare, especially 60 feet in the air. Always said if the world ever got an enema in winter, Iowa is where they’d stick the damn tube !!

  • I predict Ellis, Mason, Greene, Oubre and Cliff to score double digits. Hawk to Rock is Cliff, I am sure he remembers the benching in Ames! RCJH! Of course, we win by double digits!

  • my prediction of 85-70 was pretty damn close, I’ll take it! We looked good last night and if Wayne has truly found his stroke and continue his play of the last two games, this race is over.

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