KUSports - Nov 8: Louisiana Monroe Post Game Stories

  • After this one I can’t help but think about the old Big East when they were allowed 6 personal fouls & the last 3 minutes took 15 to finish. Now it’ll be worse yet cause when we play the 2nd game behind them on Big Monday our freaking game won’t start till 9:00pm or later, & finish after midnight. Check my numbers guys-47 fouls & 71 FT’s? Tip of the iceberg or what? Wow, they slowed it down so much, a couple of times I thought rigor mortise was setting in my can. (not beer either). Was so frightfully boring for me I was ready to leave the bar with about 11 & change left. One thing for sure though, we’d have a helluva team if the refs would let em’ run. Also I do think Nadir will be a much better facilitator than the freshman going forward. But I admit Conner impressed the dickens out of me as I had not expected much from what people had posted about him. Was quicker than I anticipated. By the time these guys learn to play defense, the offense should follow along naturally with this many blue chippers. JMO, I do think veteran teams can give these kids a run for their money on any given night, unless maturity comes quite swiftly. One in particular comes to mind, that being OSU w/Marcus Smart, Cobbins, Nash, & Forte.

  • KU vs Univ. Louisiana-Monroe

    ####Ugly No. 700: Jayhawks top Louisiana Monroe 80-63 for 700th victory in Allen Fieldhouse####

    Kansas University’s 700th victory in Allen Fieldhouse will go down in history as … a game in which the Jayhawks nudged Louisiana at Monroe, 80-63, despite using their third- and fourth-team point guards most of the first half…


    ####Bill Self calls Andrew Wiggins ‘efficient’ in collegiate debut####

    The first game of Andrew Wiggins’ Kansas University basketball career could best be described as “efficient,” coach Bill Self said on Friday night in Allen Fieldhouse.

    “I thought he did some good things,” Self said after Wiggins scored 16 points off 5-of-9 shooting…

    Box Score box score

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  • A few post game thoughts looking towards Duke on Tuesday:

    • First thought: that was costly of Naadir to play in that Summer League game. The biggest cost: burning the possibility of a Frankamp redshirt this year - which I think would’ve been best in the long run. (Granted, with these stupid foul rules it might not have been possible anyway.)

    • Second thought: we’re gonna get killed if we guard like this vs Duke

    • Third thought: Duke’s not going to see the rudderless team we seemed to be vs La-Monroe, unless Tharpe gets in foul trouble (real possibility.)

    • Fourth thought (Ode to Jaybate): Has Self intentionally not tipped his hand in these 2 exhibitions and 1st game? Meaning, did he exclude significant parts of the “play book” so Duke would have little meaningful film to study?

    • Fifth thought: I know the NBA drafts on potential, but I think Embiid will be here for at least two years. He in no way/shape/form has the look of a OAD, esp with how deep the '14 draft is looking.

    • Final thought: I want to see more of that Alpha Dog Self talked about re: Andrew. I want to see more aggression. As good as they were, I don’t want BRush 2.0 or BMac 2.0. That is, skilled & athletic players who Self had to threaten/plead with to shoot and drive. I know I’m asking a lot, but I want something closer to KD. Someone who fearlessly took over games.

  • Kansas suffers from TMS ( “Too Much” Syndrome)

    The Bad news:

    Too Much Hype

    Too Much Youth

    Too Much Inexperience

    Too Much Thinking

    Too Much Standing Around

    Too Much Depth ( Is that even possible? )

    The Good News:

    I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about - I thought we’d have a good football team this year.

  • A few more thoughts from someone who could only see the game on a fuzzy computer screen for one half, and then missed the second half.

    Yahoo boxscores only contain the number of shots made for the team, not total shots taken, not real easy to figure out shooting percentages that way.

    Ellis is on his way to a stellar season.

    White is an enigma. Black is not. Green?

    I still miss our KUSports community. This works pretty good, but it’s still not the same. I checked a story there that had 30 or 40 comments, but they were all people arguing with each other. HEM was there trying, but not much substance there other than him.

    Parker v. Wiggins Tuesday night will be fun to watch. It will be less fun if whistles interrupt the game every 30 seconds. It will be even less fun if the preponderance of whistles favor Duke.

    Finally the college season is starting too early in my opinion. Should be Thanksgiving week.

  • A few things from last night:

    1. We weren’t “feeding the post” to Ellis. Ellis shot the ball a whopping five times. I will guarantee you that when Self looks at the stats, this will jump out to him. I liked the 8 free throw attempts, of which (I believe) 2 trips to the line were shot related. But getting the ball regularly to Ellis on the block seems an absolute necessity. He needs to take double figure shots nearly every game.

    2. Wiggins just didn’t hit the boards. Three rebounds. And in 34 minutes, do you really remember this 6’8” guy fighting for boards? This should be the other stat that stands out to coach Self.

    3. Count me in the group that thinks Frankamp should have redshirted. After watching him last night, I feel even more strongly than before. He is not a ball handler, or a point guard. Not close. Look at Self’s post game comments. It would appear that he feels that way. They rarely even practiced, he said, with any point guard other than Tharpe or Mason. So much for the combo guard myth, right? If we need a shooter off the bench – which I lobbied for with White last season – Greene is at least an equal choice to CF, but perhaps better because of his size. And I don’t expect Self to go with the “shooter off the bench” concept anyway. Foul trouble based on the idiotic new “rules” is the only thing Frankamp can hope for. He may not even play vs. Duke.

    4. By the way, can we all stop hallucinating about Selden as a point guard? Me included – it is enticing to consider with his size. Sure, he can PLAY point guard – so can Perry Ellis – but he is not A point guard.

    5. Lots of chatter since the end of last season about Lucas’ role. He didn’t even play one minute last night. That tells us all we need to know. I understood the desire to see a savior, or a diamond in the rough, or the unranked guy that surprises. Lucas is such a likeable guy, too. He’s just not ready to be what we want him to be – yet. Self captured Lucas’ role best a few days ago when discussing a possible CF redshirt – unsolicited, he brought up Lucas and said we can’t redshirt Landen because he already redshirted last season. Strictly a blowout or emergency player this season. But he has lots of time left here.

    6. I am solidly in the “show-me” category with Tarik Black. Bad free throw shooter. Slow off the ground for rebounds (he did have 7 last night). I would say it this way – this is what I would assume Jamari Traylor to be when Traylor is a senior. Black is an adequate body. An absolutely necessary body. The 5th best starter. The 11th best player of the 12 scholarship players available. Glad we have him though. We do need the body. And he was better than Traylor last night.

    7. Zone defense. Did you see it? The 3-2 is back! Wiggins up top, in the middle, ala Brandon Rush. God bless America.

    8. An 8+ rotation last night even vs. ULM. With the 9th guy getting 11 minutes. No Lucas, Greene 3 minutes, no Wesley. Would it be a surprise to see Mason be the 9th guy with 10ish minutes, no Frankamp, Tharpe with 30? Embiid will probably get more than his 11 minutes last night.

    9. If you watched the “Jayhawk Network”, is Billy Thomas perhaps the worst in-studio guy ever? I felt bad for the guy. The funniest comment was when he was talking about Greene being a shooter, and then said that the “white kid” was pretty good too … did he mean “white kid”, or “White kid”? Either way he was right.

  • I agree…we gotta guard better or Duke is gonna kill us. I thought the Black would be better but he is a big body in the middle and we do need to feed Ellis more in the post. I hate the new rule by the NCAA. It’s gonna take forever to end games. Why can’t they just leave well enough alone?

  • I was able to attend last nights game. There was one call right in front of where we were sitting that as soon as the ref blew the whistle he turned red knowing it was a bad call. There were about 15 calls that made me turn red though. I miss having a flow to the game. If these rules hold up Roy Williams’ style of ball will definitely have an advantage (esp. Since Roy can’t teach D).

    My take away from the game: the rule enforcement is terrible for the game now; Tarik Black is a mountain of a man; Seldens shoulders are as wide as Blacks; Wiggins can very quietly have 16 points (I can’t wait for him to make some noise!); Embiid is loooong (and will be very good someday soon).

    If Bill can put the pieces together and figure out how to play aggressive D within the “new” rules this team will be scary good!

  • I thought the Black would be better …"

    Unfortunate (and I’m sure inadvertent) use of the article “the” in this post. For the sake of civility, I must request an edit and removal of the aforementioned offending three letter article.

  • Another take-away from last nights game- during warm ups Wiggins outside shot was falling at aa about a 80% clip. Frankamps shot is a thing of beauty, it’s just picture perfect. Wiggins shot has little rotation and is fairly flat, but very consistent. I don’t think Wiggins shooting ability will be an issue.

  • @dylans So are you saying all of them can shoot in practice, but forgot everything as soon as the light came on? LOL

    I hope to see more desire from Wiggsy soon. Right now he is too muted.

  • The 3-2 zone was a thing of beauty. Wiggins is so long it just closed down the top of the perimeter.

    HEM is right, the ball should have been in Perry’s hands more…or is that just Self keeping some of his playbook close to the vest for this game?

    My biggest issue was how many clean looks they got in the paint. I know they missed a lot, but still way to many clean plays cutting along the base line or dishing to the weak side.

    Mason did a great job and I love having a solid PG to back up Naadir…but I cant wait to get him back running the show! I know the odds are against us but…I want this win over Duke so bad I can taste it. RCJH!!!

  • @wishawk Wiggins scouting report said his outside shooting was shaky. I’d say it looks like he’s put in the reps to prove the nay Sayers wrong given a large enough sample size (hopefully that’s one year not two). 2of 4 last night for three isn’t shabby.

  • Above pic of Embiid with his arm underneath his opponent is telltale. Positioning/boxing for rebound is successful by being over your man’s feet as well as arms. Surely at his height this will come easier for him than others, but lack/amount of of physical strength in your legs is even more critical element than height to accomplish this & keep the man pinned where you want him. He clearly is not heavy enough yet even for college ball. Just as coaches describe playing def with your feet, without proper footwork, is easy to foul with your arms trying to position for windex duty. Trob was already a horse when he got here & Hudy performed a virtual miracle making a man outa Jeff. She’s sure got her work cut out with the Lion Hunter also-no spears, guns, or arrows allowed by NCAA…yet!

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