Next Up: KSU 12-9, Big 12 5-3, RPI 77

  • Starters HT WT PPG RPG FG% FT% (Key 3P Threats%)

    Marcus Foster 6-2 200 SO 13.8 2.2 42.1% 71.8% (40.5%)

    Nino Williams 6-5 220 SR 11.7 4.9 53.4% 80.3%

    Thomas Gipson 6-7 265 SR 11.0 4.7 57.3% 74.8%

    Wesley Iwundu 6-7 195 SO 5.8 3.2 45.7% 63.6%

    Jevon Thomas 6-1 180 SO 5.4 3.3 42.0% 54.4% (38.1%)

    Key Subs Justin Edwards 6-4 195 JR 6.4 3.5 39.5% 58.5%

    Stephen Hurt 6-11 260 JR 4.8 3.3 47.0% 69.7%

    Nigel Johnson 6-1 180 SO 4.3 1.3 37.7% 68.4% (32.4%)

    Malek Harris 6-7 200 FR 2.2 2.1 39.0% 52.6%

  • Looking at the TCU game, I am guessing that HCBS was going to prepare a couple of players beyond the 8 man rotation in anticipation of ISU and beyond; considering that there may be minor bumps and bruises or flu.

    It looked like the A Team was going to ramp up the lead so that we have cushion for B Team to get PT until Ellis got into foul trouble.

    I think HCBS may do that again with KSU at the comfort of AFH.

    We were lucky to get the W and provided good minutes beyond the 8.

    Hope I am right and RCJH on Saturday!

  • ESPN: “Nino Williams likely out against KU.”

    He is 2nd in PPG, 1st in REB for KSU and Best FT.

    If the injury status holds, KSU just got younger and weaker at the glass.

    However, we still need to be careful. Apart from @ OSU where they lost by 14, the rest of the games were all single digit games. In other words, they also know how to win close games.

  • If we bring energy at home this will be a blowout. I pointed out in another thread that we have beaten them by avg of 20 points at home in the last 6-7 times. If Nino doesn’t play I’m not sure how they score more than 60 on us.

  • @Shanghai_RCJH The way I see it the foul trouble we experienced provided rest for our bigs. We didn’t need Traylor, Ellis, and Alexander expending all of their energy on TCU. Keep 'em fresh for the next two of the “3 in 6” ™-by Jaybate

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