SAW a team Saturday

  • how impressive was that? for the 1st time this year we played a COMPLETE 40 minute game. I would have to challenge anyone to point out any player that had a bad game. 3 turnovers for the entire game, Perry staying aggressive, solid guards Devonte, Frank winding up out rebounding Texas 6 in the 2nd half, 6 sts to tex 1 79% free throw shooting bench play 31-8 in favor of KU. Jamari’s hustle. one thing I’ve noticed this year on this team they seem to have grit, little attitude, we have pretty much seen it all down huge and came back, up huge and lost it and regrouped and still won, lots of close games, its just everyone doin little things to help the team as a team. just got to be consistent no for sure wins this yr. nothing is for granted this league is nutts look at TCU today at west Virginia Texas Tech over Iowa State. so proud of the guys very solid 2 Huge road wins Baylor, and now Texas now follow it up guys GO HAWKS

  • @jayballer54 Do you ever wonder WHY?

    Why can they play like “THAT” vs playing like deaf, dumb and …stupid kids against Kentucky and Temple and to a lesser extent against a whole lot of other teams, which fortunately we won anyway?

    I want to see the " vs Texas " team from now on !! They did it once, they can do it again.

  • I think that a large part of their better play of late is that the players are becoming more comfortable with each other. Not only have they had to learn the defensive and offensive sets, but they have had to learn their own roles and as importantly how to mesh with their team mates and what the others are the most capable of doing. This has been especially true of Frank and Devonte. There will be more boneheaded plays and mistakes to come but that will get better as they play together more and as they get more confidence in themselves and the team.

    A large part of the UK debacle was a lack of confidence that they could compete. Now they know that they can. Part of the problem with Temple was that these were kids who wanted to go home for Christmas and not travel half way across the country. Self said as much himself after the game when he said that he probably should not have scheduled that tough of a game at that point in time.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    “Why can they play like “THAT” vs playing like deaf, dumb and …stupid kids against Kentucky and Temple”

    They are young and they play as a team. Young kids often have bigger swings in energy and focus. And since they are a team, it seems they mostly play “zapped out” or “all out.” And now we know they have the capacity to play all out for 40 minutes straight!

    Some teams never reach that… 40 consecutive minutes of an all out slug out. We came prepared for Texas. It was awesome!

  • @nuleafjhawk It’s been mentioned that the UK fiasco boiled down to the fact that UK had played something like 8-10 games before the Kansas game, while a very young with new pieces Kansas team had played a couple of exhibition games. As for the Temple debacle. No excuse.

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