Good article on Perry

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    Ellis article

    Can you imagine seeing an outburst from Perry such as throwing a chair?!?

  • @icthawkfan316

    Perry is an awesome human being! And his parents are great role models.

    I’d still like to see Perry lose it. Whatever it takes for him to become a true alpha dog. If he used to have it, then it is there… the animal is inside and needs to come out! Unleash it, Perry!

    We’ve all seen Self lose it and it helps the team when he bashes scoreboards and gets T’d. Imagine what it would do for this team if they experienced Perry lose it? No one expects it so the impact is much higher.

    I’d like to see Perry get cheap-shotted by Ridley and come up swinging. The ejection would get our guys pumping… and when we get pumped, we crush teams!

    Our first-half smackdown of OU was about energy… with the energy our guys got open and had the confidence to shoot to their capabilities. That energy came from Sunday when the guys went to “church” and were preached to by Rev. Self for a couple of hours instead of practicing in the gym.

    If our guys have the big energy we CRUSH Texas! We did it last year in AFH after being humiliated in Austin. It’s a game about ENERGY!

  • @icthawkfan316

    I read that…hard to believe.

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