ok guys , lets try and keep it real

  • 1st guys let me say I am one of the biggest Hawk fans there is, ya 60 yrs old almost 61 always have been and always will be maybe a little to strong maybe sometimes but here is a take and take it for whatever just my input that’s all. ok I’ve been hearing from multiple people statements of such forget about it its over seal it lights out KU has got their11the straight conference championship. now I mean REALLY? SERIOUSLY? what are you basing this on? is it Texas losing like it did at home to Oklahoma? or Oklahoma losing to Kstate at home? or Iowa State barely hanging on against Oklahoma State at home? well ya valid points BUT guys we are 2 games into the conference season 2! ! ! have we got to the point where we are going to validate our conference championship off 2 games?Long ways to go. LONG ways to go. very tough games for us on the road and IF you think w are goin through this season at home without 1 loss, I have to differ but that’s me are we conference champs at this point OR has things happened so far like they have because the league is just that much tougher this years then in years past. just my thoughts its ok tha ks guys

  • Mellinger at the Star was doing that the other day. It reminds me of tv networks calling a race in NH because one candidate got the first 8 votes. I hate the irrational possibility that puffing KU might jinx the team.

    Has Jack Harry retired yet, or will he still go out and say KU won’t win it again? That’s what I like to hear; it offsets the (potential) jinxing of the team by those who say we have it won 11% into the conference schedule.

  • The people who think we will run roughshod through the Big 12 based on two games are in denial. I took a scrappy effort to get past Baylor and Tech is well, Tech. I do believe if we can go 3-1 over this rough stretch of the next 4 games we will be in pretty good shape. With the way the league will beat up on each other this year the winner could have 5 or 6 losses. I think We end up with 4 or 5 though. Forget the stats and metrics that have us ranked in the bottom half of the Big 12. The other teams played cupcake schedules and we have something that no other team has. We have grit and determination. We are finally starting to develop a will kill mentality that’s been lacking since Tyshawn, Withey, Rele, etc left. Mari is going to be huge for us I have a feeling and if him and Cliff can get going together we will go along way with Graham and Mason controlling the game.

  • Hmm… I guess I haven’t been reading the same things as you. I haven’t seen anyone, especially on this board, say that the big 12 race is over and Kansas is the champ. If anything, the conversation has flipped from Kansas maybe being out of the race to now maybe being a front runner which I think is fair. Nobody else in the big 12 has proven they can hold home court or win on the road the way Kansas does year in and year out. The race certainly isn’t over, really hasn’t even started, but we have taken back the pole position.

  • nope you misses it. I DIDN’T say that it was on here that the people were saying it. jumping to conclussions. I have heard multilple time off radio 810 out of KC that it was over from different people. I’ve read it off the Lawrence Journal World from posters so ya it HAAS been said and that’s ridicilious people that are believing that are looking through colored crimson and blue blinders. yes agreed we have or are in a nice position but AGAIN its 2 games into the conference season AND like you stated the way people are beating one another up- - - just proves my point futher there are some very tuff teams to come to Allen and I hope your not one of the delusional ones that think we can’t be beat this year in Allen if it was years past maybe but we ARE NOT I repeat we ARE NOT head and shoulders above the other big twelve teams as in the past now will it happen? I’m not sayin that but yet I’m not sayin it won’t either just not as be of gap. people may think I’m pessimistic not really, don’t challenge me on my loyality to the hawks all I’m sayin is its going to hard really hard more of a realists then some others GO HAWKS

  • @benshawks08

    I am with you on this. I can’t really recall anyone in this forum predicting KU as the conference winner. I have indicated that it would not surprise me to see the a team win the title with 6 losses; the conference is that good from top to bottom.

    Having said that and based on the first few games, KU would seem to be in good shape since holing home court advantage will be key and losing at home like two of the favorites, UT and OU did, is not a good way to start conference play. also, KU has history and precedent on it side having won the conference title 10 times in a row and having a team that is battle tested as a result of the tough non-con schedule. Like Rick Flair said…to be the man, you have to bat the man…and KU is so far “the” man…

  • Since the Kentucky and Temple game, no one on this site has any perceived notion that anything or anyone will be a Cake walk. We are still very young and have to trust in this coach of ours that has come up with a solution, ENERGY - ENERGY and MORE ENERGY. We have recruited the best that we can and as long as they play smart and with ENERGY, no matter the outcome, we are proud of everyone on this team. They each have their own identity, talents and failings. I trust coach Self more than any other coach in the NCAA. He says what he means and yes, I could also have used Vodka after the Kentucky game. ROCKCHALK #11.

  • Agreed. I am certainly not 100% sure we will win the big 12 but I do think we are the favorite right now. I don’t think it is unreasonable to think we may go undefeated at home. Not predicting we will, or guaranteeing we will, but it sure is possible. Texas is a mess right now, OU 's early start may have been overblown. Iowa St. and West Virginia seem pretty legit. I still agree in this years big 12 anybody CAN beat anybody any night, but I still like our chances in every game at Allen.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I can’t really recall anyone in this forum predicting KU as the conference winner.

    ahem…( clearing throat) …I am not only predicting we’ll win the conference, I’m predicting we’ll win by 2 games. Upvoting your post for the Rick Flair video…wish I could upvote it 1,000 times…

  • @HawkInMizery Im with you dude

  • @JayHawkFanToo HA! That was freeking awesome!! Rick Flair, man thats oooooollld school

  • @Lulufulu

    …but in a way, it still hold true. In the conference, KU is still truly “the man” and the conference title goes through Lawrence and KU will not go out without one hell of a fight…just sayin’


    I stand corrected…:(

  • @jayballer54 Agree with everything, but I don’t think the expectation that we should win every home game is unreasonable. May not happen…but I will be disappointed if we lose at home.


    You deserve a big hand for standing strong despite all the doubting. The team is 13-2 and likely to be 14-2 after tonight.

    I have picked most of the games right, but I have strongly believed KU would have 8-10 losses this season.

    But I think you are right and many of the rest of us are wrong.

    My migration has been from Self will find a way to play inside out, to the team lacks the pieces to play inside out, to thinking outside in was the way to play but that Self would not do it, to thinking he would play outside in, to thinking that he was adding the mobile big man attack platform concept to it and I wanted to wait and see how it worked, to thinking it worked, to thinking he has a dog that will hunt and lose 2 games.

    From the moment I saw Self run so many different formations, and actions against UNLV, I felt the team could win the conference.

    Once I saw the mobile big man attack platform that I had suggested turn out to be something he had already been working on, I was pretty sure they would win the conference.

    Once I saw Self return to Perry shooting the triballs against TTech, after having him NOT do it much against Baylor, then I was positive KU would win the conference and it was only a matter of how many losses they would have.

    (Note: I don’t think Perry will bomb the treyball every game, but I do believe every time they’ve got some long bigs inside, or they play a PACK or a BALL LINE defense that gives us the trey, we will see Perry shooting 4-6 treys per game, and that should be about 2/3 of the rest of our games.)

    I actually think this OSU game is going to be a tough game for us for awhile. There dwarf perimeter is going to force Self into playing Mason, Graham and Selden most of the game. I could see all of them going 30mpg. I just don’t think Greene and Svi will matchup well on defense with them at all, unless Self surprises us and goes with a 3-2 zone, or a 1-3-1 zone, and goes long on the perimeter, which would be the best way for us to beat them. But he probably won’t do it. Wish he would though.

    Cobbins and Nash will be very challenging for our guys. They are short like our guys, and about as good as our big guys, plus way more experienced, and so probably better overall.

    So: it really comes down to can Self find some guys to guard the OSU dwarf perimeter on one end and come down and exploit our size advantage on the other end.

    I believe Self will. But Travis Ford is going to rough our guys up tonight in our crib. I think we will see real aggression. And the game could get very wooly the first half. And OSU could easily squirt out into a 5-10 point lead if they are hot from trey.

    But I think Self will give the team enough wrinkles to get this W. Since the next game is Saturday, Self will not be resting starters. If he needs them for 40 minutes they will play 40. Same for Travis Ford.

    Both coaches need the W badly. OSU needs to steal a road win. KU has to get the home W. This will be tournament intensity in January. Very, very serious business and both coaches will throw anything and everything at the other team they think might give them the edge.

    And there just is not love lost between Travis and Self.

    Going to be a helluva a fun game.

    Long and short?

    KU by 10, because I don’t think OSU has an answer for Kelly Oubre whenever he’s out there. I could see Oubre hanging 25-30 if he were hot, or sitting very early because he can’t guard their dwarf lineup.

    And I will join you and predict KU wins the B-12 with two losses.

    Did I just say that?

    Holy shizz, I have been drinking the same kool aide you have.

  • @jaybate-1.0 and to think… Jethro has an effect on you!

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Did you say Cobbins? Oh…how I wish I had this guy playing for us…maybe Oubre will emulate…

    Withey posterizes Cobbins.jpg

  • @jaybate-1.0 I think you’re right on the money about the OSU analysis. Let’s not forget- the Pokies have been one of our toughest foes in conference for awhile now. Now we have a different way of beating them, so it will be interesting if the game is down to the last shot tonight ( as it has been, it seems for the last 3 games we’ve played them), or will our new offense, and new pressure defense create alot more offensive opportunities, and we blow them out? I think we blow them out.


    Get your bottom over to JNew’s live blog. We need you. CJonline.com. Just get to the page, click on the comment window. It asks for you to give a name. Use KUSTEVE, or whatever you wish. and amp it up as only you can.

  • @jaybate-1.0 ahhh…i’m sorry…my entire computer crashed…i made it back online with 4 minutes left…i’ll certainly be there for saturday’s match up with the Clones…

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    So very true. What a player he was.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Alexander did a good impersonation posterizing Allen and got a technical in the process, a very undeserved one in my opinion.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Yeah, totally agree. Very raw deal for Cliff. But he keeps feeling his way along. Cobbins had the level of experience and talent that was going to bring out his fouling. But Cliff keeps making us better when he is in, and he keeps getting a little better each game, whether his minutes always say so, or not.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I guess it wasn’t the flexing, he told coach he said fu to osu bench

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I did not see that anywhere; you have better sources than I do. 😞

  • @JayHawkFanToo read it on twitter. Doesn’t mean it’s true. He was yelling something. It just couldn’t have been the flexing!

  • Banned


    810 am??? Are you kidding me. If KU loses the streak, they’ll mostly likely hold a party. Not only that but you’ll get 8 hours of how HCBS has lost his stuff and should be fired. Just saying.

    No different with Jack Harry. He’ll be like I told you so, even though he picks against KU every year. I wonder why he does MU scum??? Just saying.

  • I’m one of those fans @jayballer In fact, I think it’s a done deal that we will the next 11 as well, undefeated most of those years. We will, I’m going out on a limb here, but I believe we will be the eternal Big12 champs.

  • The conference is not over yet.

    However, we can go a very long way to getting a good hold on the race by winning in Ames on Saturday.

    Road wins count double.

    Iowa State won in Morgantown last week, OU has already won in Austin, but lost to non-contender K-State at home. Texas has two losses already. If KU beats Iowa State in Ames, we have a 1 game lead on everybody, a home game coming with ISU and the biggest contenders all have road games coming up with other contenders.

  • @JayHawkFanToo man I miss me some stank face Withey!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I read in an article that he was yelling turn up to Frank and that’s what they got him for but knowing how, we’ll go with passionate he is, the use of that phrase wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility. From the way he talked about wanting to live up to great names of the past he probably knows how intense the rivalry has been with OSU lately and wanted to leave his mark on it. Little too far though since he got the T lol

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