• @VailHawk triggered me into fleshing out this idea on another thread. It grew out of an idea that has been percolating since last summer…

    Also, I think there is a fourth track that no recent coach has tried systematically yet, since Wooden: the mobile big man attack platform.

    Self is increasingly deploying the two posts out high.

    Recall Marcus Morris and Thomas Robinson putting it on the deck from a single high post and driving the lane. It was called the stretch four by Self. Stretch 4 fakes the trey and drives the lane.

    Take this concept and broaden to three mobile bigs that are threats to drive it. Two high posts and a long 3 aka Ellis, Cliff/Jamari, and Oubre, who plays very tall.

    Self is already showing this formation frequently. And he is establishing that Ellis and Oubre can knock down the Trey. And Cliff/Jam seem always to have the mobility edge on other 5s.

    The next step is to have them start attacking the rim from outside, both by driving and running cuts for passes at the rim.

    There was an old saying in football when playing teams with giant tackles: run the asses off their fat tackles.

    Make bigger big men than yours run.

    Make UK’s four footers not just chase out, but run back in–all game.


    Some dribble driving, but lots more cutting to the iron.

    Run the asses off their big footers.

    Shaka Smart ran the asses off our Morri and beat us.

    The real precedent though is Wooden’s 6-8 Wicks, 6-6 Rowe, 6-9 Patterson team that put Patterson at long balling high post and Wicks and Rowe as mobile attacking bigs on low wings.

    Self is near doing the same but with a double high post and one mobile attacking big–Oubre–on the wing.

    It is like an unbalanced to the right version of what Wooden did.

    And I have said once or twice since Summer that Self needed to consider Wooden’s Wicks-Rowe-Patterson team, not just the super short '63 team and Self’s Tulsa team for precedents.


    This is a fourth track and I believe Self is exploring it as we post.

    He may have waited too long to cornerstone on it this season, but it is the best option for this team after the trey ball and it fits with outside in.

  • Drew watched the UNLV game and will put more emphasis on guarding the outside. I agree, Kelly can play big. CONFERENCE STARTS TONIGHT!!!

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