The NEW Kansas Jayhawks Mens Basketball Program!

  • Okay. It’s the first day of the new year and I woke up in it after dreaming Bill Self revamped his strategy and Kansas was THE dominant college basketball team of today.

    Bill realized he no longer had the pieces to run his old style hi/lo offense. He also realized his hi/lo was no longer helpful in recruiting top tier talent. He needed to change some things to bring Kansas to the top of the college basketball world.

    Bill rang up his old friend down in San Antonio, Coach Pop, for words of advice. He found what he was looking for.

    Bill designed his own offense, and like anything else successful in our country, it needed branding. So the “Self Full-Motion Offense” was born!

    Bill had realized several things while designing his offense. He realized how the game was changing. There were more and more big men that had guard-like skills and could dribble and shoot on the perimeter. He realized these big men didn’t want to be pinned down (and limited) in the box any longer. He thought back to how many great recent big men recruits he lost because he was going to limit them in a role only fit for college basketball, when these recruits were much wiser and sought out programs that would play a game showing (and developing) their skills beyond the low post.

    Bill’s new offense combined the full motion effort (movement, passing, screening) of the Princeton offense, but didn’t stop there. In Bill’s offense, players were also encourage to take their man off the dribble, too, creating the most dynamic offense possible because opportunities were created both off the pass and off the dribble. Bill’s new offense, essentially, combined the Princeton offense with the Dribble-Drive offense.

    Bill decided that combining both of these offenses would create opportunities both from passing and driving. By combining both, the weaker aspects of both were eliminated, because it changed the overall attitude of both structures to one of being open-minded and just looking for the best opportunities instead of being pinned into a specific philosophy (and limitations).

    Bill immediately applied his strategy to recruiting… He would target at least one super big to be his 5. These recruits would be counted on for big man defense (shot blocking) and their own offensive game could now be exploited to maximum potential because the big man would be given free range on offense to an area that would match where he can be effective. If the player started broadening out, so would his allowance be broadened on offense, too.

    For the other 4 positions on the floor, the main attributes needed were good shooting, dribbling, and guarding with an emphasis on all areas of athleticism. Other valuable considerations are being able to finish at the rim, good basketball IQ, skillful size, and finding a mix of recruits where some could be OAD but others definitely wouldn’t be so every year we could have a continuation of knowledge at all times on the court.

    On the defensive side of the ball, Bill would keep his shot blocker back while often using his 4 speedsters out on full-court presses and running perimeter traps.

    Since this style of play put the team in heavy motion, good bench depth was necessary and players would be shuffled in and out constantly to keep everyone fresh. This strategy not only kept players fresh, it gave Bill the opportunity to try another aspect of his new philosophy… assistant coaches were paired with all current players and were given game responsibilities. For example, “Snacks” handled several players and when they were out for a breather, he would go over some tips from what he saw happening when they were out there playing.

    Last, Bill came to understand that his current team only lacked the big shot blocker, but had the rest of the other pieces to make this work immediately, so he spent the rest of Christmas break installing his new philosophy.

    We went on to win the National Championship by avenging an earlier loss to Kentucky, and actually paid them back with a complete stomping. The complete change from what happened earlier in the year made the media stand up and take notice. Bill received “National Coach of the Year” honors and had no trouble signing the exact players he wanted for next year… a year in which Kansas repeated as National Champions!

    Dream… dream… dream!

  • @drgnslayr Must’ve been a whopper of a NYE’s party last night. 🍺

  • @brooksmd

    Ha… it was! I was in bed by 10pm, watching the tube and looked over at my snoozing wife at midnight and wished her a happy new year!

  • @drgnslayr isn’t your wife pg?

  • Banned


    Sorry My friend. 😞

    Yet dreams that aren’t acted upon are mere hallucinations.

    Here’s hoping HCBS dreams a little dream. 🙂

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Yes, she is! Due end of February.


    “Here’s hoping HCBS dreams a little dream.”

    I hope he still has the fire inside to make big changes. I think older people (myself included) often find it a tougher challenge to make big changes as we age. We can stay young in heart/body/spirit if we still embrace change. I know I’ve accepted lots of changes by having kids late in life.

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