Maybe someone can give our friend a poke

  • Looks like he is looking for some familiar faces. We don’t have Jaybate, but HEM and Michael are with us. 🙂

    "icthawkfan316 here. I don’t post or even follow as much during the offseason - only so many times I can see guys list what they think the starting line-up and rotation should be - so seeing everybody’s name is odd. Not that I care to put my name to it, but come on…Jaybate is Jaybate. HEM is HEM. StupidMichael is StupidMichael. This is just weird. Maybe there should be a dual moniker. For example: icthawkfan316/Kye Clark. Just to keep the familiarity. What is the underlying reason for the change anyway? Anybody know?

    Anyway, not much to add just yet, other than to say it looks like maybe Coach Self’s praise of Frank Mason during the offseason might be the rare occasion where it was not just “coach speak”, and he really might be a steal (given his ranking). Really optimistic after watching this guy in the exhibition games. Trying to reel myself in, as they were in fact just exhibition games. We’ll know more soon, but he looks like the real deal! RCJHGKU!"

  • I put in a plug for kubuckets. We’ll see if it stays up. LOL . The facebook policy is idiotic. I’m tempted to set up a few burn gmail/facebook accounts just to be able to lob a few turds at a couple annoying commentrs once in a while, but I’d feel kinda bad for Jesse Newell who I guess has to police the place.

    Liking the discussion here though…keep it up! … back to lurker mode.

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