Jamari arrested early this morning.

  • Jamari and wide receiver Rodriguez Coleman were arrested at 2 a.m. this morning outside Oread Hotel. No further information has been released.

  • @wrwlumpy The article on KU sports says Coleman was arrested on the battery charge, Jamari on a charge of “interfering with duties of an officer.”

  • Jamari was punished last year for ? and had to sit out a game we should have won. Damn. Nothing good happens at 2 in the morning.

  • Given the events in Ferguson & New York, now really isn’t the time to be “interfering with duties of an officer.” That’s the scariest part to me.

  • This is the kind of story that makes you question his commitment to basketball. Not only does this hurt the team by adding a distraction, it makes you wonder if his focus is solely on his education and basketball. That’s what players need to commit to at Kansas.

    Maybe it turns out to be little and just something trivial. Maybe not. This one is for Self to decide.

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    I have never understood the reason why people resist arrest or interfere with the police; it is a losing situation since they will get more officers involved and the charges will just increase. I have never heard of anyone getting off by resisting arrest.

  • @icthawkfan316 feel sick about this. I want him to have a decent shot at a better life! Hopefully Self won’t give up on him. He needs some mentoring. Wish Tarik was still around!

  • Jamari has had one of the toughest upbringing’s since Darnell. Please graduate. I know Brady had to sit out a semester for his DUI. Can’t remember the player who broke in his girlfriends door. Self has to earn his Salary in so many different ways.

  • Basketball is a great way for kids like Jamari to make something positive for themselves. He’s been through so much. I hope it’s nothing too serious and that he learns a good lesson, and stays in school, not for our team, but for his future.

  • Interfering with duties of an officer is usually not that big of a deal. Could have been saying his name was “jaybate” instead of Jamari, or not backing off when asked to, or protesting his buddy’s arrest a little too vocally. But just speculating since I don’t know the facts.

    I’m not an apologist for this sort of stuff, by any means, but this sounds like one of those things that a normal college kid could get. Didn’t hurt anybody at least.

    Probably worthy of sitting out vs. Georgetown maybe.

    And actually, that might be helpful all the way around. Jamari has been struggling. A break might be a good thing.

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  • While being charged with anything, obviously, is not good, I agree that this charge may be very minor…it could involve any number of things. I am sure that when the Athletic Dept. has the facts they will act appropriately. Once again, I can’t believe some of the comments on the other site…sheesh.

  • @Hawk8086 That’s what makes this site stand out from the “other” site. @approxinfinity gave us a great place to gather and we keep it civil, fun and friendly.

    @Crimsonorblue22 Maybe Tar will hear about it and call him. Tar and Jam were a good combo on the court last year.

  • @wrwlumpy Well, regardless of the circumstances, I am guessing that Cliff will be getting Jamari’s minutes for the foreseeable future.
    Keep your head in the game Jamari. This team needs you.

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  • @Lulufulu

    Interesting situation.

    Cliff and Lucas will likely clip his minutes, but…

    If the Jam Tray were sidelined more than a game, opposing coaches for sure start scheming to put The Big Red Dog in foul trouble ASAP, and any way they could. In short, Clifford would catch a whole lot more XTReme Muscle than previously with Jam Tray on call. Self would not be able to protect Clifford, as he can now. Self could not shorten the games for The Big Red Dog, if the Jam Tray were sidelined.

    If Clifford were up to the challenge, all would be well.

    But if Clifford were to still need protection, then the job would likely fall to some combination of Lucas (extended minutes), Oubre (swing minutes at 4 forcing Perry into the 5), or taking this season’s Untouchable Basketball Hindu aka Hunter Mickelson, out of the lowest basketball caste known.

    I sure hope for the Jam Tray’s sake that he was just trying to be a helpful citizen and was misunderstood.

  • @HighEliteMajor He hasn’t been the same since he was taken out of the starting lineup, imo. On or off the court. Maybe him and coach need to have a long talk.

  • My heart sunk when I saw this. Sure hope it’s minor. In the 70’s the cops treated students with kids gloves. I did a few things out of line-and was just told-go home and stay in for the rest of the night.

  • @JayhawkRock78 In our day we kept our mouths shut and said yes sir and no sir when spoken too. I remember one night me and a couple of bud’s in the family car got stop by local constable with a 6-pack of Country Club malt liquor. The little shorties. Anyway the leo had me follow him to his calaboose where he took us inside and read us the riot act and threatened to call our parents. But in return for promising never to return to his sleepy little village with evil intent, he sent us on our way. Of course he kept the untouched said 6-pack assuring us he would keep it for evidence should we ever return. Of course we said yes sir, thank you sir and quietly left town.

  • Twitter post are saying that Jamari refused to give his ID to the cops. probably a two game suspension but Coleman could be kicked off the football team. Back when K-10 was a 2 lane road, I got stopped by the Eudora police for speeding through town. I got out of the ticket by telling the cop that I was leaving for Vietnam Nam the next day and that all I wanted to do was see my girlfriend before the Tri Delt house locked up at 10:30. He let me go. Actually my orders weren’t in effect for another two weeks.

  • image.jpg We need this team to stick together. There could be some magic this year.

  • This incident occurred at an especially explosive moment, as the country has been reeling from innercity mayhem involving police and black citizens. Jamari grew up on the streets (literally) in the heart of innercity Chicago. Although he has forged an almost ideal life for himself in the world of USA competitive basketball, his experiences and natural inclinations might yet draw him toward jeopardy involving late-night policing situations. Whatever happened, I wish for him the very best. I would hope that Lawrence, KS, has become a fairly safe comfortable home. It appears that members of our coaching staff have served as important role models and parent figures. Time now for him to do a bit of soul searching and reflection, adjust his offcourt friendships and activities, return quickly to the avenues which will lead him toward future security. This incident does not reek of Goofy Giddins’ latenight fiasco, or of Little’s latenight violence at his girlfriend’s quarters, or of Brady M’s reckless DUI. I hope that Self and Co. can quickly unravel details, mete out whatever punishment might be called for, and get Jamari back on track. We really have needed a more focused JamBam in our lineup. Also, as an afterthought, if the Lawrence police force or whatever law enforcement service might possibly have over-reacted, I would hope that the handling is addressed and re-evaluated accordingly. Sensitive times right now most everywhere on the dark streets of America…

  • @REHawk you said that perfectly!

  • @REHawk “This incident occurred at an especially explosive moment, as the country has been reeling from innercity mayhem involving police and black citizens.”

    I know you mean no malice, and you are truly wanting to try to explain why Jamari got arrested. It just sickens me to hear the events described as “**innercity mayhem involving police and black citizens.”**It means the propaganda is working with the general public.

  • @KUSTEVE Steve, in my 73 years I have witnessed many examples of police overkill in dealing with black citizens. For 30 years I lived near and worked in a South KC residential community where, during the 1960s and 70s, if a black motorist was pulled over a second patrol car immediately joined the ticketing or warning or search process. Now I am an Ozark hillbilly who on two occasions observed the tasering of unco-operative lowlife white neighbors. I am well aware of the tough job facing law enforcement, esp. in latenight situations involving bar closings. But I also know that sometimes there exists a law enforcement inclination toward the overuse of force and command. The “protect and serve” rules get trampled sometimes during the process. For all I know, Jamari might have gotten off easy with the charge brought against him Sunday morning. But, yeah, I buy into the proposition that black citizens still sometimes face undue indignities by those who have been employed to protect and serve. And I am also aware that right now, in America, racial tensions have accelerated. Sad for the Jayhawks Hoops Community that Jamari was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I hope he does not remain bent over the incident. No doubt, Self and Co. will get his attention in a firm way. This team NEEDS him to be as focused and essential as he was alongside Tarick last season. Jamari has come along way too far from the streets of Chicago to allow for a personal backslide.

  • I’m pulling for Jamari. I’m sure he’s had time to reflect on the incident. Maybe he’ll channel his angst into renewed focus on the hardwood. I know he worked really hard in the off season on his face-up game. Maybe he was all ready to go, but now has Tyshawnesque “role confusion”? And with hindsight, maybe Tyshawn was right, as coming off his U19 dominance, he was ready to drive/slash/score all day, but he and Sherron got asked to forcefeed Xavier, who shied away from contact after January. Tyshawn was the relentless alpha-attacker Self came to love after Sherron.

    So ending with a quote for Jamari from another Chicagoan (Sherron Collins): " gotta set a good example for the young’uns and bring them along"


  • Obviously I have zero information on the details here, but I would like to make am observation about this “civil unrest” and accountability.

    My parents generation and those before held themselves accountable for there actions as did everyone before them. I was taught if I did something wrong like break a neighbors window while playing ball I was to knock on the door, confess, apologize, and fix the window.

    I live on a golf course and have had MANY broken windows. Only ONCE did a golpher offer to pay for it-and he did. We have told many of these people (white businessmen) they just broke our window and they ignore us and take off in their cart. There is a sign in the clubhouse stating they are responsible for damage to private property, but when we call in with the cart #, time and hole number, they just say they can’t do anything. We have all kinds of dents on cars from parking lots without one note of " hey I’m sorry-here is my number, call me to discuss". This is a very affluent neighborhood I’m talking about.

    Most likely I am preaching to the choir here. I am sorry for Jamari’s difficult background and hope this little incident is a good lesson to choose his friends carefully and watch his every move. College is meant to be a magical time with fun involved, but when a cop shows up it is yes sir, no sir, time. My kids have seen me pulled over several times and I put both hands on the wheel and do that whether I am getting a t.icket or not.

    As for our culture it saddens me that a smaller and smaller % of us hold ourselves accountable for our actions. I am not saying cops don’t make mistakes or overreact, but in a tense situation the correct behavior by a citizen can go a long long way to diffuse the situation.

  • @REHawk I know you mean well, and you speak to the facts you know. My perspective is this is a well planned distraction, commandeered by communist foot soldiers in the trenches, organizing and inciting violence with the express purpose of creating as much racial animosity as possible. You can’t look at any video showing the Ferguson protests without seeing the communists all over it, whether it is the signs being distributed, the actual planning of every event, the free transportation they offer to folks to attend the planned “riot”, the free food they have catered, the fiery speeches exhorting folks to go out and create chaos. etc. Just like they did here in Florida with Trayvon Martin; just like they did in Los Angeles with Rodney King. I’m always going to question the motives of any organization whose sole function and purpose is to create as much chaos and mayhem as possible between races.

    Like I said in an earlier post, I think Jamari is struggling with being taken out of the starting lineup- not because he has racial animosity towards police officers, If he is having trouble dealing with not starting, that can be fixed. If he has no respect for law enforcement due to the racial issue, well… that’s a problem that might not get fixed the easy way, and would portend lots of problems in the future.

    I mean no malice or harm towards you, and your perspective.

  • @KUSTEVE The problem in this country is, - two perspectives on this subject still exist.

  • @wrwlumpy One perspective says a police officer responding to a strong armed robbery is attacked by said robber, and ends up having to shoot him is a worse crime than inciting violence against an entire race of people that leads to an entire neighborhood being burned down, along with 4 hammer-wielding youths randomly bludgeoning a 31 year old innocent man to death. You are soooo right - there are 2 different perspectives. I recognize I am digressing, and way off topic, so this will be my last post on the subject. Hope I haven’t offended anyone.

  • Nothing good happens when you are out at 2 in the morning. Let’s start with that. If you’re out at that hour and things start to turn, no matter what race you are, things can go bad very quickly at that hour of the morning. So Jamari (or anyone else), being out at that time, needs to exercise some caution.

    But let’s think about Jamari. He grew up in a pretty rough Chicago neighborhood where I am almost positive that the police weren’t always showing up to protect and serve the people living there. That’s a fact just as much as what I wrote in the first paragraph.

    The facts in the second paragraph do not nullify the facts in the first paragraph. Regardless of what neighborhood you grew up in, if you are out at 2 in the morning, trouble may find you so you need to be very careful.

    But here’s the kicker - the facts in the first paragraph do not nullify the second, either. Jamari has an ingrained distrust of law enforcement borne out of probably dozens of past encounters with law enforcement.

    Back when I was in college I was stopped by police probably over a dozen times. In that time, I got 2 tickets. The other times they stopped me “just to see why I was on campus so late” (I had an on campus job that closed up at midnight or later) or “just to make sure I wasn’t lost” or other vague reasons for stopping me so they could engage me and see inside my car. I once was pulled over for speeding (I wasn’t, ticket was later thrown out of court) and, rather than asking me for my license and registration, the cop asked only if I had any weapons or drugs in the car - I responded by handing him my license and registration without another word. Thankfully, I grew up with a father that grew up in the south who taught me how to handle those situations in a way that made sure I got home every night. Did any of those situations make the news? Of course not because I wasn’t an athlete and I didn’t end up dead. But is it right to constantly stop certain individuals based purely on their appearance? Was that fair to me? Of course not, but because I hadn’t been charged, ticketed or injured, I had no case against the officer even though the stop could be considered harassment because there was no crime being committed (or even suspected).

    If you’re Jamari, and that has been the situation throughout your life you don’t trust cops. How can you when you have (probably) seen cops rough up friends or family for no real reason, but take their time when you’re actually in danger? Aren’t you worried that if you hand him your ID he will see that you’re Jamari Traylor, figure out that you’re a KU basketball player and decide to make life a little harder because he has all the power right now? This isn’t me saying that Jamari is right, or even that I know what Jamari was thinking, but more that I am trying to shed light on what Jamari may have been considering when he decided not to give his ID to the cops. Does that make it right? No. But maybe there’s an experience in Jamari’s past that influenced that decision that none of us knows about because the Chicago streets where Jamari grew up are tough, and Jamari knows that sometimes the police aren’t there to protect or serve you.

  • @justanotherfan Nothing good happens at 2 in the morning?

    I think I remember a one or two AM run to Joes (I think that’s the name) bakery for some hot donuts. I was driving east, so I just pulled across the street and faced the oncoming lanes, which of course were deserted at that time. I got my donuts, pulled away and a cop pulled me over for driving on the wrong side of the street. I told him I was too lazy to go up to the corner and turn around. He liked my answer, I should have given him a donut. He let me go. The donuts were delicious.

  • @wissoxfan83

    That made me smile.

  • @brooksmd

    He that composes himself is wiser than he that composes a book. Benjamin Franklin

  • Traylor gets a one game suspension. Perfect. The time fits the crime. It gives Traylor perhaps a mental break. And it gives us a break from the poor play. Perhaps Traylor can get it going.

    And who knows, maybe Mickelson gets a shot and impresses. Or Lucas gets 22 minutes and shows he might be the better option. Who knows.

  • @HighEliteMajor enjoy your break!

  • @KUSTEVE said:

    innercity mayhem

    Off topic - Innercity - I live 7 miles south of Ferguson, that city is 20 minutes from downtown St Louis. Mayhem - most of the arrests made around this incident are from people that aren’t from here. The nights following the shooting and the grand jury were a bit crazy - camera crews everywhere just itching for something to report, they really fed the flames of tension (I went to some of the protests to see for myself). And the bad elements who used the tension here to loot was just sad.

    On topic - glad it’s only one game suspension, we need all hands on deck, as we never know who is going to break out and carry us next!

  • @wrwlumpy

    This link seems to shed a little more light on the event…

  • @globaljaybird Thank you…I think. (beer)

  • @wissoxfan83 Your mention of the late night run to Joe’s brought back some of my best memories at KU!

  • @wissoxfan83

    I loved Joe’s. I eventually wound up living across the road from Joe’s on Indiana. Heaven… simply heaven. Went back many years later and was truly saddened that they were no more.

  • This is not a big deal. Mari made a bad decision and is being punished by sitting out a big game and that is fair. I know we hold the KU roster to a very high standard but at the end of the day these are kids. I wish I could take back about 100 bad decisions I made after 2 a.m. when I was in school in Lawrence, Kansas.

  • @joeloveshawks

    " I wish I could take back about 100 bad decisions I made after 2 a.m. when I was in school in Lawrence, Kansas."

    I’m glad to not take back any of my bad decisions I made after 2am in Lawrence. Most of it turned out to be my cherished memories from KU!

    Others have said it… back in the day, Lawrence cops pretty much let students be students (kids be kids) and as long as they weren’t doing something really bad, the police looked the other way. Now, police act like gestapo. It’s all just business now, trying to ring up heavy fines to support the municipality. It’s pretty much like that everywhere.

  • @Hawk8086 Joes at 3 am. been there, done that. I used to sop up the alcohol at the Dennys as well. They like drunks there.

  • Denny’s in Lawrence? When, where?

    Funny how history repeats itself.

    Word (a.k.a. rumors) from the KU students is Jamari was trying to break up the fight, and didn’t want to show his I.D. to the cops. Who knows. At least 10 cop cars and an ambulance (refused) up there Saturday night by the Oread monstrosity, so it certainly could have escalated into something worse. I’m inclined to give the KU/Lawrence PD a little credit for handling it fairly well, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that most if not all the charges are dropped.

  • @DanR good to hear that! Hope it’s true, I like spreading encouraging gossip!

  • @DanR Totally love the report thAt Jamari was taking the high road to break up a fight ( been there) . So he tried to be a peacemaker and be the voice of reason.
    So in the best of best of both worlds he steps in to do a kind (and wise) thing to diffuse the situation.

    But the other tale is the cops show up among confusion and he is caught up in the mix?

    Who knows-just happy it ended as a minor speed bump.

  • @REHawk Well said my friend!

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