We should thank this KU team

  • Banned

    I know some will pick on this player and that player breaking down their game. Even some will attack the coaching, they should of done this or that. Maybe they are all valid points.

    Yet we should thank this KU team. They came out so aggressive on the defensive side of the ball that it left them vulnerable. They wanted to beat down this team so bad, that it hurt them. Yet they regrouped and played their game.

    I know some of you thought, “OMG KU is going to lose” “be honest”. However I wasn’t. I knew they would come back. I don’t know why? Just something about this team. They’ve had their beat down. I’m not saying they won’t lose again, but you have to bring it, all game. If you’re going to beat them. What more can a KU fan ask for? b)

  • @DoubleDD

    I did not think they would lose. I thought they would get pulverized.

    Way to stay positive.

  • I’ll admit. At halftime, I did not think we were going to win. The thought of some of our past comebacks did cross my mind. I was at least hoping that we could make a game of it. Once we got to 49-41…then I felt we were going to do it.

  • @Hawk8086

    That is exactly how I felt.

  • I have to admit, when they were down 18 I thought they were toast.

    I was asking myself what the heck do these guys do in practice?

    The pull out is good for their record, and perhaps their poise moving foward. But I’m still not a happy camper for what I saw in that first half. And Dicky V even said he could have made that layup. He was right.

    Some teams have enough going for them that they can play unmotivated ball and still stay close in games. Some teams can’t. This team can’t. They can’t get by without bringing energy to the game, because it is energy that drives this team. It is that way with all teams, but some teams need energy more than others, and this is one of those teams.

    Doesn’t hurt to involve brains, too. We were chasing the dragon in the first half. Self will have some prime video for teaching.

  • @DoubleDD Yah, after that first awful half. I thought oh man here we go again. Why cant they just fight for gosh darn darn!? I kept watching. I had to. Then KU came out and beat them up second half to win it. Thing of beauty. Im guessing Cliff is starting by conference time and averaging a double double by season end.

  • @Lulufulu

    In many ways, the first half was worse that he second half against UK, since KU was playing a team not even close in talent to UK and playing at AFH where these things are not supposed to happen.

  • Banned

    @JayHawkFanToo that first halve was so bad because they we’re trying too hard. It wasn’t the Gators. KU played their worst defense of the year, including the UK game. Not because they sucked but because they wanted to make a point, a statement. You don’t think this KU team isn’t embarrassed by their UK loss?

    Let it go. KU righted the ship and got the victory.

  • You guys do realize that Florida came into this game shorthanded with only seven scholarship players and actually had to play a walk-on considerable minutes…

    And the comeback (that never should have been necessary) was achieved not by playing Bill Self’s offense, but by Wayne taking it upon himself to play his own game, namely, beating his man off the dribble and pulling up for the mid range shot. Remember the mid range shot, Bill?

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