Texas vs Kentucky

  • Man, the post is no place for the faint of heart in this one. Three minutes in and Ridley already on the bench with 2 pf. Think the refs are focused on the post.

  • @brooksmd

    Ibeh and Turner also have two fouls. On the UK side Towns and Lyles have two a piece.

  • Harrison twins are 1/8 from the field, Texas up by 5.

  • @brooksmd Yeah, I couldnt help myself. I had to watch this game. Wanted to see how Texas fared against UK. I turned the game on about 5 min into the half. Its an ugly ugly game. No one can make a shot, no one can make a free throw. Fouls everywhere, turnovers too. Its ridiculous. tied at half 26 all? 26, really?

  • Saw the first half grabbing a bite to eat at a bar… not sure if I care to waste another minute of my life watching the second half. It would be sweet if Texas could come back and win, but the sound of the KY crowd makes my skin crawl, so it’s not worth the torture.

  • The thing about Kentucky is: they are flattered by what low esteem people hold them in. 😄

  • Texas and Kentucky.

    It was like choosing between scooping dog and cat poop. 😃

    Seriously, two good teams.

    What I noticed about UK this game was their Four near footers have slow feet.

    Caullie-Stein especially.

    Texas and Florida’s bigs seemed to have the same problem.

  • Kentucky game plan:

    • Send first team in
    • Send the reinforcements
    • Send the referees

    The flagrant agains Texas changed the momentum. Even the announcers indicated tha should have been a charging foul since the UK player extended his arm into the defensive player forcing him to miss the ball. UK went on a big run after that and Texas could not catch up.

  • @jaybate-1.0 interesting, hopefully KU can exploit that weakness when they play Texas during conference play

  • @brooksmd Here’s a conspiracy theory for you guys. Wonder if the Nike shoe co powers that be are paying off the refs of the UK games so they can reach 40-0 and keep funneling the steady stream of OADs to UK

  • @Lulufulu Might want to funnel the shoe question to @jaybate-1.0 as he’s the shoe co head theorist.

  • @brooksmd and @Lulufulu

    For what its worth, as the BufSpring used to title, “there’s something happening’ here/what it is aint exactly clear…”

    But I don’t believe anything illegal is going on.

    They have good lawyers and deep pockets.

    So: I infer they can play without rule breaking.

    I just think we are witnessing the legal power plays of duopoly players.

    Really, they have no reason, or need, to act illegally in these issues.

    The rules are probably such that there would be no need.

    So: as I have been writing lately, the game being played may not work out in our favor all the time, but I do not think there is anything illegal going on.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Darn, I wish there was something illegal going on. I so want to see Calipari go down in flames. That Kentucky game will live in eternal infamy.

  • @Lulufulu

    Texas will be a handful and I don’t agree at all that all their bigs are slow; they are very, very capable and a couple can actually shoot from the outside. Splitting with them might be the best we can expect. The conference is tough from top to bottom; if a team can go 14-4 it will likely win the conference and I would not be surprised to see a 13-5 or even 12-6 record win the conference this season. KU will really have to earn the title this year.

  • @Lulufulu

    Here is a better conspiracy theory for you. Yesterday, while watching the game, AFH did not seem nearly as loud as it has on the past and I was wondering if the crowd was taken out of the game pretty early. Today, A friend posted a video of AFH taken during the game and it seemed every bit as loud as before. Did ESPN digitally lowered the volume of the crowd for the broadcast? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • @JayHawkFanToo LoL! Maybe they did. I was thinking the same thing the second time through. I dont know why they would do that. Would it give the visiting team any sort of advantage at all? Probly not. Would it let the viewers understand the announcers better? Who knows. Would it let the shoe companies draw more attention to the shoe commercials if the game wasnt as loud?

  • @JayHawkFanToo it was loud and it was crazy! Phog was really thick yesterday, lingering still today! Rock Chalk!

  • I thought the same thing about the sound. Dukey V. was saying “Listen to this crowd.” I couldn.t hear anything but a soft buzzing of applause. “Wow, this magical place is really rocking now!” Really…

  • @wrwlumpy

    As you know, AFH and Duke’s Cameron Indoor stadium have always been ranked 1 and 2 and with “Dukie” Vitale calling the game, it is not surprising they wanted to de-emphasize how great AFH really is.

    Here is a link to a recent ranking by 12 sports writers. Nine have AFH as #1, 2 have it as #2 and one has it as #4. Guess who had KU as #4? MU graduate Pat Forde; I guess he has mellowed some because on a previous poll a few years ago, he was the only one that did not have AFH in his list and he was universally ridiculed, but then…what can you expect from a MU graduate?

  • @JayHawkFanToo Is it wrong of me to think Pat Forde may very well be an inbred idiot who likes to fornicate with four legged species?

  • @Lulufulu

    You are entitled to think any way you want.

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