Perry Ellis CBS National Player of the week.


    Well done Perry!!!

    KU Ball getting a lot of love from CBS Sports this week.

    More help with the link please.

  • Six big 12 teams are ranked in the top 30. The lingering affect of the beat down by UK is causing doubt among voters. We win a tournament by beating RI, UT and MSU and don’t move an inch in the polls. If we beat a good Florida team we might move up one, but if we lose we will drop out of the top 20. Really though, All that matters is a high seed in the tournament and Big 12 ring.

  • I agree. We already took the drop for the UK game. You’d think we would get a little nudge up for winning that tourney.

  • Hard to move KU up since there are many capable teams sill undefeated. FWIW, KU is the highest ranked team that is not unbeaten.

    The Big 12 is now ranked as the #1 conference and it is not even close. While may conferences have some very good top teams (ACC, Big 10, SEC. PAC 12) thy also have a large pool of cellar dwellers. The big 12 has only 2 teams projected to be at the bottom, TCU and Texas Tech, and TCU might actually be better than expected. Five team in the top 20 and realistically the Conference could send 8 teams to the dance. The most recent Bracketology has 7 Big 12 teams and West Virginia is not even listed and now they are a top 20 team. The conference race is going to be a gauntlet and a race for survival; a 13-5 record might win the conference.

    Here is a link to the insider ESPN article on Conference rankings.

  • Go, Perry!

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