Svi gets some nice ink on CBS sports


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  • Well deserved too.

  • Svi is pretty much a handful of tweaks away from being the best player in a Jayhawk uniform since Paul Pierce, and I say that without hyperbole. If through this year and next summer he gets a little stronger, gets a little more consistent with his j, and finishes just a little better, he will be the player of the year next season (provided the team isn’t too balanced). I’ve honestly never seen a freshman that plays at his level of BBIQ. He plays like a junior 6 games into the season.

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  • @JayhawkRock78 Nice!
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  • @konkeyDong I’ve actually read your posts for probably 10 years, and I hang on every word. If you think he could be as good as Pierce, that’s saying something.

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  • @konkeyDong

    I totally agree with your post. We haven’t had a player who sees the court as well as Svi since Pierce and his BBIQ can be compared with Pierce, too. He, actually, has an opportunity to become a better open court shooter than Paul, but I’m not sure if he’ll ever be able to shoot as well as Paul does with a man tightly guarding him. Pierce is the master on that, including drawing the foul while hitting the shot.

    Next summer, Svi needs to develop a tight relationship with Hudy. He needs to focus as much as he can on getting stronger while not losing the rotation on his shot.

    The real reason why people are boasting about his shooting isn’t based on the rumors of how he hits shots in practice. It’s what you see, even on his misses… he has a shooter’s rotation on the ball, something only the really great shooters have. That’s why everyone who knows much about basketball thinks it is just a matter of time before this kid gets hot in games. I’m expecting him to start lighting it up when B12 play starts. I’m thinking all the teams we play will be focused on matching up with him, and less worried about Perry, Cliff and our other threats.

    It would be great to see Svi light up the nets in his first B12 game for about 30. He’s definitely been built as a volume shooter, one that can actually pass about as well as he can shoot. Something very, very rare! When this guy gets hot, you’ll see Self on the sidelines spinning his arm like a vertical helicopter blade and screaming, “Keep shooting! Keep shooting!” Svi is a guy who could possible put up 30 points in a half. We all know he isn’t afraid to shoot, and when he gets hot he should put on a clinic, all by himself!

  • @konkeyDong – you said “Svi is pretty much a handful of tweaks away from being the best player in a Jayhawk uniform since Paul Pierce, and I say that without hyperbole.”

    That’s even more optimistic than I’ve been over the last month. I’ve been on the Svi bandwagon full bore since the first exhibition – “giddy,” perhaps. The guy is the real deal.

    There are going to be ups and downs for Svi, for sure. But it is cool to see an article by national writer on Svi – the national guys must be reading

  • @HighEliteMajor What amount of rest has SVI had since the European Championships? Any? Hope his minutes can be held to moderate necessity before the conf grind starts so he doesn’t hit the wall before March. 100% agreed-as smooth an operator as we’ve seen since maybe Rush about his junior year or Pierce. Either comparison is not only flattering but similar, yet SVI has a confidence about him that neither had so young. If KO or Greene could come around a little faster then I might not have this apprehension about fatigue or injury because IMO SVI is the real deal. Sometimes a little slow to react on switches & is used to getting away with the hand check, but for the skill level he displays quite consistently, I’m all in.

  • @konkeyDong

    “He plays like a junior 6 games into the season.”

    Think I’ve posted virtually the same thing at least twice in a week. He should be an exceedingly special player in a notably short period of time. JMO

  • I love that Svi is already the Roy Hobbs of KU practices. “Doesn’t miss”. “Automatic.” “I assume everything is going in.” “Didn’t miss in warmup.” If this can somehow translate into games…let’s say in mid March, that would be a thing of beauty.

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