Next Years KU football team

  • I was sitting around thinking about the future of KU football, and what each position looked like, and I realized that the 2014 team could be pretty good if no one ends up being a huge bust (and I do realize that this is a pretty big if). Here are my projected starters: Offense: QB: Montell Cozart (So) WR: Nick Harwekk (Sr) WR: Rod Coleman (Sr) WR: Tony Pierson (Sr) RB: Darrian Miller (Jr) TE: Jimmay Mundaine (Sr) LT: Pat Lewandowski (Sr) LG: Ngalu Fusimalohi (Sr) OC: Jacob Bragg (Fr) RG: Mike Smithburg (Sr) RT: Dylan Admire (Jr)

    Defense: LC: Jacorey Shepherd (Sr) RC: Kevin Short (Jr) NB: Dexter McDonald (Sr) FS: Cassius Sendish (Sr) SS: Isiah Johnson (Jr) LB: Ben Heeney (Sr) LB: Jake Love (Jr) LE: Andrew Bolton (Jr) NT: Keon Stowers (Sr) RT: Tedarian Johnson (Sr) Buck: Ben Goodman (Jr)

    Special Teams KO: Trevor Pardula (Sr) P: Trevor Pardula (Sr) PK: Matthew Myman (Jr) or Michael Mesh (Jr) LS: Reily Jeffers (Jr) Hold: Blake Jablonski (Sr) Returns: Miller, Embree, Short, Shepherd

  • QB: Although I do believe that Cozart will play a lot next year, I have a feeling that Heaps is going to do some great things in the offseason to try and cement his role as the starter.

    WR: Your WR projections look pretty solid, but Turzilli may have something to say about Coleman’s spot.

    RB: I think Darrian Miller and Taylor Cox will both split playing time and RB, plus we have that 4-star frosh coming in next year.

    TE/OL: Nice projections

    Cornerbacks: Once again, I think these two will be the ones who ultimately take the field on day 1 next season. And what a great duo it will be. If Kevin Short is anything as advertised, him and JaCorey Shepherd will make a great pass-stopping combo. I like McDonald as the Nickel.

    Safeties: Same two as this year, great combo, with an extra year of experience. This defense is going to be pretty good next year. I hope the offense can catch up.

    LBs: Heeney and Love… 'Nuff said.

    DL: We could have a great pass rushing/run stopping combo unit next season. Depends how good Bolton really is I suppose. I like the way Stowers and Goodman have really stepped up this year.

    A few other notes: I think Wyman will only be Soph. next season considering this is his first year of collegiate football. And I do think that he will continue to win out the job.

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  • Barring injury, I just don’t see Cozart replacing Heaps as QB. Heaps is a very good QB that has had the misfortune of playing behind a poor Offensive Line.

  • Thanks for posting this thread. I didnt want to post this myself, as some would think Ive given up hope for this season (Still hoping for a win or 2…but mainly wanting to see some offensive chemistry develop and stringing together a few drives…). I agree that Taylor Cox will split time with Miller as RB. Next year definitely is one to hope for a bowl game possibility.

  • I have always had the feeling that Weis doesn’t care for Darrian Miller, so I don’t see him starting. Thankfully, we have some really good options at RB. My concern is OL and DL, where we just don’t have the depth and talent to be a factor in the Big XII yet. Any injury to anyone on the line is a HUGE blow for this team, as we just don’t have the talented depth to avoid big dropoffs.

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