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  • Simple question. Since the Huskers canned Pelini, should KU pursue him or go ahead and give Bowen a chance? Bo has 9 wins per season for what the last 7 seasons? Who here wouldn’t take 9 wins a year? Yeah I know it wouldn’t happen right away, but Bo does have a good pedigree. Now I’ll just set back and enjoy a cold (beer)

  • @brooksmd ha! If our KU fb program couldn’t handle Mangino, how in earth could they handle Pelini ? Interesting!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Just have to recruit football players and not mama’s boys.

  • Part of me says get Pelini (or any other “big time” coach).

    Part of me REALLY wants Bowen to get the job and succeed.

    Part of me says "does it really matter who is the coach at KU? Will the University and fans ever get behind football? "

    I think if Vince Lombardi were alive and in his prime and coached in Lawrence, he’d be about 3-9 most years.

  • OK OK hit the brakes on Bo, living in the fishbowl of Nebraska football, this is not the guy you want to run your program.

    He has big time loses, not just loses but 40 and 50 pt loses. He is unapologetic when his teams lose. He says “they, did’t execute” or “they didn’t get it done”, He throws the players under the bus.

    He won’t go and shake hands with the fans, nor does he care about the fans. It’s about Bo.

    At Nebraska they use the 9 win as a base line, because that’s what Osborne always did, but Tom only played 11 games a year, not 13. Bo has always lost at least 3 games a year. Never took Nebraska to a BCS bowl game or won a conference title in his tenure.

    Marino might have been mean, but Bo is a bully, to the press, the fans, the students and his players.

    If you want a coach that just got fired look at Muschamp, he has ties to Texas for recruiting already.

  • Man, after watching Pellini over the last few years as a Badger fan, I couldn’t stand the guy on KU’s sidelines. He’s such a whiner. A nicer way to put it is he wears his emotions on his sleeves.

  • I would much rather Bowen than Pelini. Pelini is a good coach, no doubt, but the next coach for KU needs to have a commitment to KU, not just a commitment to getting the next big job. Bo wouldn’t stay at KU long term. He would (maybe) get a winning season or two under his belt, then take a job at a stronger program.

    If Bowen gets KU going in the right direction, he’s going to stay and finish the job. He won’t be hunting for an NFL gig, or looking to jump to USC or Notre Dame or wherever. KU is his Notre Dame.

    Unless KU can find another coach that wants to stay at KU beyond the short term, I am becoming more and more convinced that Bowen is the guy.

  • @wissoxfan83 “Man, after watching Pellini over the last few years as a Badger fan”

    Then you had to be tremendously happy when the Badgers ran wild against his D. That’s the funny thing, he is supposed to be a Defensive guru.

  • @JRyman Yeah, actually I’ll kind of miss beating him up so much! We’ve pretty much had our way with him, although he did knock us off once.

    To be fair to the man, he appeared to be much beloved by his players who seemed genuinely shocked and angered that he was fired. And I kind of agree. He won quite a few games for them, semi-reviving the program that Callahan nearly ran into the ground. But the lustre that is Nebraska football is greatly tarnished now and I’d be surprised if it ever returns to the glory days under Osborne. To kids in HS now, they know nothing of Nebraska being a football power. So why go there?

  • @wissoxfan83

    One thing about Nebraska is they don’t have an in-state college to compete with and zero pro sports to distract the fans either. They expect better results from time to time. Now that they left the Big12 I’m sure recruiting in Texas is tougher because the kids can’t play games in Texas anymore.

  • @wissoxfan83

    “But the lustre that is Nebraska football is greatly tarnished now and I’d be surprised if it ever returns to the glory days under Osborne.”

    Question: Could that ever happen to KU in basketball ?

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Nothing is promised, so of course, KU could experience a big down turn. Look at what has happened at Indiana or UCLA, for example.

    However, football is much harder to sustain success in. It takes so many quality recruits, even one or two down years could bury a team for 4-5 years. Nebraska doesn’t have the advantage that some schools have in that they don’t have tons of in-state or regional talent to choose from. Simply put, there is no inherent advantage that Nebraska enjoys that guarantees sustained football success, or can give them a quick boost if they get back on track.

    For example, Florida is down right now. However, because Florida is located in a hotbed of talent, Florida could be playing for a national title in 2-3 years just because things can turn around that quickly when you have talent literally right on your doorstep. Same thing for Texas, or USC. Heck, the year before Saban (2006) arrived at Alabama the Tide went 6-7. They hadn’t won a conference title since 1999. Hadn’t won a national title since 1992. Saban’s first year they went 7-6. Then they went 12-2. Then they won the national title. Fell back for a year, then won two more titles. Being in a place where they have lots of recruits means the rebuild can happen fast.

    Nebraska does not have that. They have to depend on coaching, strong scouting and recruitment, and player development. If any of those things falter, they could fall fast and it could take years to put the machine back together.

    Basketball doesn’t depend on that because you just need to land 1-2 great players to right the ship. As long as you have a good coach, you are always one recruiting class away (maybe just one player away) from being back in the conversation.

  • Nope-too much history going back to Naismith and PHOG Allen for starters. Indisputable coaching trees, 2nd winningest program in total wins ever, 5 national titles, conference titles out the wazoo, and all-Americans & NBA players on top of that. Now we may slide a few years here and there but we bounce bank and will ALWAYS be Royalty IMO.

  • @justanotherfan

    Spot on. Much like KU in basketball, Nebraska has done a great job with its football program, even with a very limited local recruiting base.

  • @brooksmd Uhhhh , NO to Pellini! Give Bowen a chance or go after Warinner.

  • Banned

    Ok don’t laugh at me. 🙂 However I had a dream a couple nights ago. The only way Bowen gets the HC job is if he marries a Japanese woman. I know right?

    Maybe I should stop drinking. b)

  • @DoubleDD that might be the craziest thing ever written on here! You do know Bowen’s wife is a former ms ks and also a mrs ks? Maybe Jaybate can interpret your dream. You sure you don’t have the DT.s?

  • @DoubleDD Just keep drinking a little more

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