Ensign Chekov, 17 yr old swingman for KU?

  • Everyone keeps brimming over with surprize for Svi’s skill in the game so far. I feel the same way. But, should we be surprised guys? The kid played for the Ukrainian National team and played in the Fiba World Cup over the summer against NBA Pros! Svi has more game experience against big time competition than any of our younger players. Now that he is seeming to get a grip on how the college game is played, his shot is falling and he has a great eye for passing and he is definitely one of our top perimeter defenders. Svi is shaping up to be a stud. A stud who happens to look like the young Ensign Chekov from the first reboot of Star Trek.



  • I am guardedly optimistic about Svi. He had a good game Sunday, Friday not too bad, Thursday nothing. Before that, a clunker, along with everyone else against Kentucky, a decent showing against Rider and his debut was nothing to airmail home about.

    What the Freak am I talking about? The kid is 17 and will be all season! This kid is unbelievable! He’ll be a 19 year old Junior!! I hope he stays of course, and if he does, watch out Big12 and others, KU will be as tough as always.

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