KU appears in good shape for 2013-2014 basketball season.

  • After seeing UNLV loose to Dixie state a Division II school, Duke trailing Division II Drury at the half, and the UK’s fab 5 squad only had one guy in double digits against a Division III school. Aaron Harrison was 3-10 with 2 assists in 26 min (ball hog). I am starting to feel alot more comfortable with our team and our chances early on with the amount of depth we have. The Duke game had nearly 40 PF’s, Louisville’s exhibition last Tuesday included 64 fouls, and five Kentucky Wesleyan players fouled out. Our guys can go out there and play knowing they have fouls to give.

    Its pretty cool seeing some of the Blue bloods on the east coast struggling a little bit early! And BTW UK is only leading 69-58 in their 2nd exhibition game with 7:44 left to play lol! There is no way they’re going 40-0 LMFAO!

  • My prediction is UK Drops the first game to UNC Asheville later on this week. UNC Asheville has some size and is going to be a far better apponment than either Division II school UK has faced this year!

  • This post is deleted!

  • How do you get -2?

  • Wishawk I thought it was channel 3-2 so I tried channel ONE and it wasn’t’ there either.

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