Perry's Time To Shine

  • We’ve been hearing about Perry’s potential since his days at Wichita Heights, where he was a scoring monster, setting city league scoring records and being more than a builder of stats.

    Perry’s play at Kansas, up until now, is best expressed as a stat line. Perry has consistently lifted his numbers since becoming a Jayhawk. Those numbers help his team chalk up wins. But sometimes a player needs to earn an asterisk. And beside that asterisk it should make note of exceptional play. It should mention “MVP” and it should mention how a player stepped up to take charge.

    We all see Perry as a timid guy. A guy who gets his points while playing invisible. It’s time Perry became visible.

    Perry has been playing with a more dominant tone ever since his play was smacked down by Kentucky. That game had to smack some sense into Perry. He was playing against players who will mostly play at the next level and are near his age. Perry took a smacking from his peers.

    Today, Perry is faced with another challenge. Going toe=to-toe with another blue blood program. Going toe-to-toe with his peers once again. He will be doing so surrounded by his team full of young guys… guys that need to witness elders stepping up and taking charge. Perry needs to step up, not only for himself, but for his team and the Jayhawk mascot representing more than a century of basketball tradition.

    Today’s game is within Perry’s grasp. He won’t be playing against a stacked deck (Kentucky). This is a game of equal proportions, and it will be controlled by players who want it most and are able to express that through the game.

    “Asked if he has come to like those “Big Ten” type of games, Ellis said, “I don’t have a problem with it. You want to compete as a player, so I mean, it just makes you better, makes you better as a team, makes you better as a person, so I have no problem with it.””

    (SOURCE - Column: Ellis proving himself at holiday tourney )

    Perry should have already experienced enough hardship games that will make him better later. It’s time he proves that all those past thumpings actually did him some good. It’s time he stops viewing every hard game as something to learn from, and starts viewing every hard game as something to teach from.

    It’s time for Perry… and I have no problem with it!

  • @drgnslayr said:

    It’s time he stops viewing every hard game as something to learn from, and starts viewing every hard game as something to teach from.

    Amen! and (I hope) Alleluia!

  • @drgnslayr I certainly prefer the mobile Perry Ellis version more than the stationary version. He is playing all over the court, not sitting down in the low block, and I love it. Seems to open up his game.


    I agree… and he is starting to pop some 3s. It feels like every time he hits a 3 he picks up a bit of swagger… something he has needed for a long time.

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