Without Graham's trey...

  • Shoulder separations usually wreck a trey shooter’s stroke, so KU is down to Svi and Greene, as serious threats. This explains Self green lighting Oubre. He is desperate to get some one untracked. It won’t happen, probably. With Kelly.

    So who?

    The best trey shooting team we can field is Svi at 1, Greene at 2, and Perry at 3, with Oubre at 4 and Cliff at 5. Perry shot 40+ last year on low 3ptas. He would also be great for beefing up perimeter boarding and posting up short 3s. And any time he struggled on D he and OUBRE could just switch on defense. This should be the team that comes in with 15 minutes to go in each half and fills the arena with treys. It will break an opponent’s back.

    Just do it Bill.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Graham had a very light shoulder sprain and he is already back to practice. Had he had a shoulder separation, it would be a few weeks before he is back to practice. As per KU training staff, there should not be any lingering issues and he was available fro the Rider game but was held back as a precaution.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Ah, yes, and do you recall EJ not missing any practice for his shoulder injury that wasn’t even mentioned . Slayr had to point out his shot suffering because of it. I missed that one. Graham’s sep converted to sprain is nothing? I wonder.

  • @jaybate-1.0 “Svi at 1, Greene at 2, and Perry at 3, with Oubre at 4 and Cliff at 5”.

    Tallest guy 6’8", but smallest 6’6" or so.

    Perry is a good screener too.

    We would need lots of offensive rebounds…

    Maybe against zone?

  • @ParisHawk Did anyone watch the AZ/Grapes match up? AZ was running one of the weirdest starting 5s I’ve ever seen. They ran McConnell ( Aaron Craft clone, only way more obnoxious) at PG, 3 forwards, and Tarc. They had Hollis-Jefferson ( 6’7" small forward ) at the 2. They were slow, cumbersome- they couldn’t pass, they couldn’t dribble, they had a hard time scoring. In short, they ran tall, and their offense sputtered, and they almost got beat. And Foster simply ran amok. I would be concerned about our passing, dribbling, ball movement with the “3 pointer” lineup, just like AZ did against the Liberaces.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Simply amazing how quickly we transformed from having too many snipers to wondering where Car 54 has vanished to. CF was defensively too disadvantaged, but I miss the krap outta AW III. Oh well; woulda, shoulda, coulda… Let’s just say Perry ain’t the answer to the 3 ball question. When he feels the need to put the ball on the floor he gets stripped necked fastern’ the proverbial cat disappears behind a Chinese restaurant.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    I think I’d keep Perry at the 4, and then variate him through the post with occasions to pop out for the trey. Perry will have more opportunities at trey if he’s still the 4, because some of the 4s won’t be good perimeter defenders. Plus… Perry popping out can help remove opponent’s rebounding 4 from the low post, opening up possibilities for KU rebounds. Oubre will still get some treys with his role as slasher.

    The key is for these guys to start playing as a team. Look for the open shooter and set enough screens to constantly free up a shooter. That’s what teams do!

    We’ve got to have a more active offense, and be just a bit less about having three guys on the perimeter passing back and forth with crisp passes hoping it creates enough scoring space or a seam. We need to actually CREATE some offense with MOVEMENT!

    I wish we played offense more in the style of the SA Spurs. MOTION! And through it opportunities come on all parts of the court… perimeter… midrange… low post… because they create isolations where you want them.

    Many times our guys go off to special camps over the summer to improve their game. I’d like Coach Self to go to a private special summer camp with Coach Pop next summer. Develop a more contemporary offense, one that he knows works at the next level and he can recruit off of instead of fighting the image of the hi/lo with recruits. It’s time we land a top PG and 2.

    You want to see KU really nailing 3s? This will be the answer because the offense works and opens up recruiting on top perimeter players.


    The kitties came within a whisker of upsetting Arizona. Can you imagine the talk from the Little Apple if KSU beats the #2 team after KU got pasted by the #1? I still would have liked to see KSU beat Arizona; it would have been good for the State and good for the Conference…and KU will beat then in due time anyway.

  • @globaljaybird

    Agreed. The only true 3-point threat we have is Greene. I know there is a lot of talk about Svi shooting the 3 but his past history shows that so far he has been a 0.300 shooter from the 3, not necessarily bad but not something that I would call a 3 point threat.; hopefully in time he will get better and become a true 3-point ace.

  • Good points - KU D is back and improved (last year was an exception) and is always excellent. But O is stale and uninspired for several years running, and we do not have the personnel to feed the post as a first option against superior teams this year. We are too small to compete in the paint against UK or maybe even TX.

    We need new wrinkles and more dribble drive. Not more set plays in an already complex system. And we need to shoot more 3s this year. I think our shooters this year are average (30-35%) and Greene and Svi are better than average (35-40%). Good points in earlier posts about the 12 foot pull up jumper game.

    The “team” game of less talented players beating superior talent is valid if the players are staying 3-5 years to learn the intricacies of the O. But the OAD players will never “get it” in a few short months. So we need something beyond the system and learning it well and executing it.

    We have seen this is the best way to have good consistent team play but the limits of the system has been one of the reasons for relatively poor tourney play and play against superior length and talent.

    We have seem some defensive innovations with more pressure and trapping and forcing turnovers (even if we give up a few easy baskets). More risk and more intensity is good for KU and good for the D. It can also be a formula for the O. Coach Self is just starting to implement this new more aggressive style on O.

    Rock Chalk!

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