Some Things to Consider Doing If Rider Upsets KU with a Footer and the Spirit of Christopher Walken

  • ~Write President Obama a signed letter requesting to be put on his assassination list.

    ~Write FEMA COG and tell them that a REAL state of emergency now exists.

    ~Cancel secret rendezvous in Coppola’s Belize resort with Olivia Wilde and write Jason Sudeikis a note admitting its all over with Olivia and he’s the better man. (Totally kidding here, Jason, and rock chalk on with the little one!)

    ~Take a piano wire string from a baby grand piano, tie into a hangman’s noose with the classic 13 loops, and auto-hang from the eave of a self-serve funeral home.

    ~Stand at lighted intersections offering to exchange window washes for being put out of your misery.

    ~Triangulate between despair and madness by juggling three eye droppers full of nitro.

    ~Practice Transcendental Meditation from Here to Eternity.

    (Note: All fiction. No malice.)

  • Ooohhhmmm, Ooohhhmmm, or is it Aaahhhmmm yogi? It’ll not happen tonight after the whuppin they tookfrom the Maharesh Mahesh Self this past week

  • @globaljaybird

    I so hope you are right, wise and sage globalmaharishijaymaheshbirdyogi!

  • I was just thinking how strange this basketball season has started off. UMKC beat Mizzou, Mid-Majors are becoming powerhouses, Mari and Svi are getting more minutes than any of us expected. Rick Barnes didn’t get fired and now has a well seasoned team with a superstar freshman. I have no idea who these Jayhawks are. When Teahan, Robinson,jayhawks_20120319042628_640_480.JPG Withy, Releford, EJ and Tyshawn took us to the Championship game, it seemed as if Coach Self could walk on water. A Soul has to be found for this team by the Florida game or I don’t see us getting # 11.

  • @wrwlumpy

    First, that 2012 team was very talented. It just got injured down the stretch (Travis an ankle and EJ a knee) and Tyshawn hit his shooting slump in March. That team would have beaten this year’s team by 20 points early, middle and late. Conner, the shakiest talent on that team, would actually be starting on this team, unless Self felt he had to play OADs to recruit OADs.

    What is going on in D1 is exactly what one should have suspected once Nike and adidas started stacking talent.

    Lots of the majors just don’t have enough serious major grade talent to be called majors anymore. Its all on UK and UA.

    This is just a mirror of wealth distribution in our society.

    Understand one and you can understand the other.

    Anytime you redistribute a lot of wealth/talent upwards, the middle and bottom grow much closer together.

    In essense, you are describing the end of the middle class (the majors–not the high majors who are still being stacked) in basketball.

  • To begin the season I didn’t think Rider would be anything other than watching a 30 point win with the walk-ons getting in late during Rock Chalk song.

    Today I’m wondering if we even win (sigh). I haven’t seen anything so far in either game that says this KU team will hang #11.

    Now the season is young, hopefully the UK game is a great tool for improvement the rest of the season, although practice didn’t initially get better until Self lit a fire in them at 6am.

    We should win by 30 at least, but will we?

  • @jaybate-1.0 OR we could this :

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