Several unrelated topics

  • The 85-86 team was my first exposure to KU basketball. It was a thrill ride all year long, from beating NC twice during the season to the strange regional games with the controversial clock stoppage in Kemper to the terrible letdown in the 8 against 5 game in the final four.

    I clicked a story to watch a hail mary pass from Nebraska backup QB on Saturday and it turns out he’s none other than Ron Kellogg III, the son of the great Jayhawk himself.

    Finally, BMac broke loose for 19 the other night. He was Sacs leading scorer. It was a blowout loss, so I’m not sure if was garbage time points or not, but after a bad first game, it was good to see.

  • @wissoxfan83…Congrats. According to Bill O’Reilly show tonight the Univ of Wisconsin was named #1 sexiest school in the country.

  • They must serve awesome falafel at the D-Hall.

  • @brooksmd I’m surprised the students actually study with that much booz flowing around Madison. It’s a party town on football Saturdays for sure.

  • All I care about at UW is that their teams are ranked and competitive and that someday my dream will come true that they play KU in the National Championship. I’d cheer for KU of course, but well, it’ll probably never happen!

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