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    I’ve thought this all along. I really thought Self made a huge impression with the Okafors. Jahlil’s dad loves Self since that initial in home visit. I do think Okafor/Jones want to play together, but it appears to be changing. I could still see Jones going to dook and Okafor committing to KU. Self has a better record with bigs in the league.

    I really think because Okafor hasn’t made a commitment to dook just yet, that he’s watching Embiid. Embiid seems to be Okafor’s litmus and if he commits, he must think Embiid is going pro. Self and Co should be working out the details at this point for Okafor and Alexander. We need three: Wiggins and Black will cover Oubre and Alexander. Embiid is the final piece to this recruiting plan. Even if Embiid stays, it will be interesting if Okafor commits how Self works the details. Well, where’s there’s a will, there’s a way. Come on down ‘Alex’ and ‘Ok’, there’s a spot with your name written all over it. I am stoked with the possibility of landing Alex and Ok, with Oubre?..Sick!! Rock Chalk

  • " I am stoked with the possibility of landing Alex and Ok, with Oubre?..Sick!! Rock Chalk"

    If it happens… yeah… sick! Next year could actually outbuzz this year!

  • haha…I love it. Dook fans are extremely concerned with this tweet from Okafor’s camp. I tend to believe that if this was nothing, didn’t mean it, or wasn’t true, his dad wouldn’t have tweeted. Jayhawk Nation…we may have another #1 recruit gracing the hill yet again…It’s sooo great being a Jayhawk.

    Taylor Ostrick ‏@Ostrickk_T 31 Oct
    @DaddyofaPro wait. what??

    DukeForum ‏@DukeForum 31 Oct
    Uh oh… Smokescreen RT @DaddyofaPro: What school will this child chose. …great problem to have. . pic.twitter.com/SEdmHQDXNJ

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    @DaddyofaPro We’re burning incense and sage in the hopes he’s wearing the duke shirt. lol

  • This could play out a number of different ways. However it turns out though, it seems KU will be someone’s choice. So that is good for us!!

    I think it will go one of two ways.

    Alexander to KU and Okafor & Jones to Duke or Okafor to KU, Jones to Duke, Alexander to Illinois

    However the hell it goes I wish someone would hurry up and make a move!

  • I can’t stop posting about this tweet. Think about Tharpe, White, Oubre, Ellis/Alexander, and Okafor. Oh my…2014 is looking nasty with a Senior pg, Junior 2, frosh 3, Junior 4/frosh 4, and a frosh 5…it’s sick, just sick.

    My hopes are totally high right now. Either way, we’ll be even greater in 2014 with our leadership and incoming frosh class.

  • I don’t know… if we could get back to running the CS hi/lo, it really works so much better to have top prospects at the 4 and 5. They feed off each other and create problems for the weak side post defender coming over to seal off the middle.

    I think the biggest selling point we have is the potential to have both the 4 and 5 helping each other, and Oubre helping feed it to the post.

  • LOL- Mista Miyagi…keep teaching waxa on and waxa off. Your first way is very possible. Your ‘or’ is a bit off, possible, but Alex and Ok have said a few times how they would love to work in the Self high/low big system. Those two, with Ellis leading them would be SICK! I would still be happy with one of the two. It’s still sick. I do think if we land Ok, we lose out on Turner. This is what I don’t understand about recruits. If they are as interested in a program as they initially say, why wait so long? Enjoy the recruiting process for a time, then decide. Another recruit may commit to your program and even your position. I’d take Turner too. Either recruit is a win win or win. You don’t lose on either of these guys.

    Ok may be closer than we realize. All these guys want a NC. Oubre has got to be talking to both these bigs. Remember, Miyagi, Alex is a 4 (with Ellis as his mentor), and Ok is a 5…Anything is possible at this point.

    I have a drink in my hand and am raising it to each of you. ‘Here’s to OK and Alex, may they be crimson and blue.’

  • Your hi/lo point is valid. Ellis can help develop them into the hi/lo system.

  • Early signing period is only 9 days way. So we wont have to wait long. I do hope we hear a verbal from someone before then though!

  • @truehawk93 I like how you used Mista. It kinda gives me an updated image and not so old school, maybe some street cred. err uh something like that. LOL

  • As crazy as it seems, I’m feeling optimistic about Self landing both Alexander and Okafor. That would make sense of the dragging of feet in the Jones-Okafor camp and the report that O wasn’t blown away by the Duke visit.

    Reports are that Alexander has been consistently high on KU.

    KU lands 'em both.

  • ajvan- Coach K has been long in recruiting a true big and then getting them in to the league too. Parker is the only fair big he’s landed of any quality lately. What’s really funny, it’s Wojo that is developing the bigs at Dook, along with Capel. Wojo is like 5’11" or at a generous 6’ ? Oh well, I really don’t think Jones goes dook without Ok. I think if Ok commits KU, he goes Gophers.

    Here’s a nice trivia question: Who is the last good big NBA player from dook?
    Danny Ferry Christian Laettner Elton Brand Shane Battier Sheldon Williams (2002…yep…11 yrs since Coach Consanants (according to Jaybate) has recruited a quality big. No love lost with Jaybate over Coach K.

    Then if you look at this list, they haven’t had too many bigs at all since Williams. Parker is the biggest recruit since Sheldon Williams.

  • @truehawk93 - Jones cut the Gophers according to this article Top Ranked PG Tyus Jones Cuts Minnesota Gophers From Recruiting List

  • ah ha…he seems to be dook or bust

  • Many of the ‘package’ theorist are dead set on the two playing together at dook. I would almost imagine that most are dook fans or dook supporters. However, if Chukwudi (aka, Jahlil’s dad) posted this message, then many critics are basically challenging an extremely reliable source close to Okafor himself. If my single dad is tweeting info that my son may be looking to a program other than the one most are expecting (dook), then I’d be careful how you start rumors.
    Apparently, the dook rumor mill and many dook media supporters are calling Chukwudi, his dad out. One funny analyst just said that Chukwudi and Jones are working out details. All should be well according to one dook hopeful. I don’t see Okafor’s dad negotiating with a 18/19 yr and working out details for his son’s future. Dook may be great for Jones, but not necessarily Jahlil. I have a funny feeling that Jones is being unusually petty and spoiled with Jahlil over this packaged recruiting publicity. I honestly believe Jahlil wants to commit KU and Jones throws a little fit. Chukwudi has to explain to him that his son needs to go where they develop bigs, not guards. Jones is letting his personal feelings get the best of his relationship with Okafor. In short, he’s being a selfish baby. But I do believe they are good friends and could remain friends if Jones will let go of the ‘package’ idea.

  • The truth is, none of us knows what’s really going on. It’s all speculation. In light of that, I would suggest against using terms like “Petty” and “spoiled” and “selfish” to describe an 18 y/o trying to make the most important decision of his life to date.

  • Since Alexander cut MSU, I’m feeling even better about our chances. It makes sense too…he replaces Black. Okafor could be waiting to see if Embiid goes or stays…or maybe he commits whether he knows or not. Either way, it’s great to hear his Dad’s comments. I haven’t heard much about Lyle and the package with Alexander. Sounds like he might be favoring Indiana at this point.

  • Just to add some more to this. Not much new said here in this article. Just shows how NO ONE knows how it will turn out. But their point of view is that Okafor and Alexander don’t want to play with eac other.

    Also some videos of the two playing.

    [Rockchalktalk.com: Jahlil Okafor v. Cliff Alexander: Who Does Kansas Want?] (http://www.rockchalktalk.com/2013/11/4/5065350/jahlil-okafor-v-cliff-alexander-who-does-kansas-want)

  • JayDoc- I understand your voice of reason and your caution. However, everything you read is about Jones hyping the idea, not Okafor. Since Ok came down to dook and KU, Jones has been insisting on the two playing at dook. Again, terms like petty and spoiled are fairly true. I don’t think Chukwudi is completely in support of the two necessarily playing together. In fact, he and Jahlil have said so at times.
    I could be completely wrong or out of line, but Ok’s direction is quite clear at this point and Jones seems to be “saving face” or “eating crow.” Now it’s about him looking good. If you’re going to be recruited, maybe the ‘packaged’ hype should’ve waited until you’re sure where you want to commit? He’s young and idealistic. I mean no harm to their relationship and I would want to play with my good friend too. But, you have to eventually admit, we need to do what’s best for their futures too. It’s time to grow up and become a young man. Many of these “kids” are entering a man’s world now. Many are one year away from playing with men in a very difficult league. I loved Wig’s comments about the games physicality and pace during his ESPN interview with Bilas. He gets it. He realizes that he’s entering a more mature level of play in D1 basketball. I think some of these kids are mistaken and think they will play like they did in high school or they can act like they did in high school. Well, I’m afraid Jones is in for a rude awakening. All I’m saying is it’s time to grow up and start thinking like a young man in college and not a little boy in high school.
    As I’ve said before, I’ll be happy either way. Alex and Turner is a great duo. It seems that Ok is watching Embiid, and Turner is waiting on Ok, maybe? It’s all good and the kids will do what’s best for them in the end, not this uninformed poster of a fan…if they use my posts as a determination, they have other problems, haha.

  • Mista Miyagi-

    There are plenty of rumors out there (and, again, take all recruiting rumors with a giant grain of salt) that Okafor and Alexander don’t want to play together, and who could blame them.

    I’m taking a lot of salt lately. I’m so salty right now. I’ve read the opposite since they are both from Chicago. They have no problem playing together.

    I love this question. Let’s ask the Head Coach of Kansas, “Coach who do you want?” “Uh, both…I’d be stupid to not want both.” I love this question and believe me, Self isn’t going to discourage getting both. It’s really a dumb question or a question that needs to be directed at Self, himself (strange wording).


    But, Self wants both or maybe just wanting at least one of the two. Oh well, it’s all good and coach is going to land one or both.

  • 8086- A great point that players or recruits have got to go where it’s best for them, not some media hyped idea. I never thought the Alex and Jaquan thing would last. They certainly didn’t push it as hard either. I think they liked the idea, but seem to let it go after a bit.

  • Does it make sense that we’ll miss on Alexander and Okafer because we have Embiid and Ellis, and Embiid turning pro is no certainty? But then we get Turner in the spring if Embiid makes the leap? Would Alexander or Okafer come if they know Ellis and Embiid may be here?

    I would think that if anyone came before Embiid announced, Self has made it very clear to them that Embiid is, in fact, going to turn pro … meaning it’s pretty much a done deal.

  • HEM- It appears all three are KU’s to lose. I want both Alex and Ok or Alex and Turner. I see no problem with both sets committing to KU. If we miss Ok, then I want Turner and he may be waiting to see where Ok commits.

    I watched Alex and Ok play against each other. They were great competitors during the game. At the end, they embraced in a friendly hug. They seem great together. I also watched Turner and Ok play against each other. They both played well.

  • @truehawk93 - So you don’t think any of these guys would worry that Ellis and Embiid might here if they come? Thus ok coming off the bench?

  • Interesting point. It depends on the recruits. Who knows?

  • Myles Turner said " If a school gets a player at my position, I don’t know, that’d weigh heavy."

    Turner’s not coming if Okafor comes.

    Sounds like recently Turner, once thought to be KU’s to lose, has eyes for Texas. Although I can’t understand why anyone would consider TX with Rick “Dead Man Walking” Barnes still at the helm (new AD = even shorter leash than before), there’s enough smoke there that there might be fire.

    My worthless prediction: Jones/Okafor split up. Jones stays home at Minnesota or goes Duke and we get Okafor. Alexander picks KU or Illinois (think its 50/50 right now) and Turner goes somewhere else (Ohio St?)

  • Just saw that Cliff Alexander is visiting KU this weekend. Think that ups our chances with him. Although maybe its just a booty call…

  • JayDoc- Maybe both? Why not, a little word to the coaches and then spend some time with the honey…sounds like a great plan to me.

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