KU to play Indiana at Pearl Harbor next Veterans day 11/11/15

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    Hopefully Time Warner Cable won’t have the exclusive rights.

  • @wrwlumpy said:

    Hopefully Time Warner Cable won’t have the exclusive rights.

    The Armed Forces Classic is put on by ESPN, so no, Time Warner doesn’t own broadcast rights to it. It will be on ESPN proper.

  • AWESOME!!!

    Playing at Pearl Harbor on Veteran’s Day and just a few days before the 75th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor…WOW!

    The game will apparently be at Hickam AFB; It would be cool to play on the deck of a carrier, but I understand they have had problems with that setting before.

  • @wrwlumpy Very cool.

  • Cool, I just don’t want one of these dumb air craft carrier games.

    Things that could go wrong on an aircraft carrier game:

    The boat could spring a leak, team drowns, there goes our conference title streak.

    F-18 could accidentally land on the court, Jamari tries to take the charge, doesn’t work out too well.

    Bill Self steps in something on the poop deck.

    Several key Jayhawks think this military life sure looks fun, they sign up during halftime and leave for basic training.

    Tom Crean ‘accidentally’ gets ahold of a grenade and ‘accidentally’ lobs it at our bench. He gets a T-d up twice and ejected.

    Freshman OAD KU player tries a 360 tomahawk dunk. Misses. Coach is so pissed he makes him walk the plank, making him the first true OAD in college hoops history.

    A close game comes down to the wire. Perry Ellis is about to shoot the game winning FT when a crazed Indiana fan blasts the ships whistle. Perry misses, we lose, and Self makes him walk the plank. The crazed fan it is discovered is Bobby Knight.

    After the Navy hires Bill Self, not to coach the Midshipmen, but to run their boot camp.

    Typhoon Phog strikes the Hawaiian Islands. ESPN says the game must go on. The ship rocks and rolls. Alexander (who stuck around for a second season) goes up for a dunk, the wind blows him 3 feet from the rim and he air balls his dunk. He too has to walk the plank.

    Frank Mason is streaking downcourt when the wire which catches landing jets is deployed and trips him.

    During the game Putin pushes the world to the brink of a war, the ship is called immediately into service. Our team has no chance to get off board. Svi is especially excited because he really wants to kick Putin’s A… after what he did to the Ukraine last spring.

  • @wissoxfan83

    You’ve got a future as our next Oakville!

  • I miss Oakville, we need to get him here!

  • Should be a good game.

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