Expert Predictions?

  • First of all trying to figure out how they classify one as an “expert” on college basketball, Shane Battier is an expert because this is his first year doing it? Or that he went to Duke?

    Predictions are a funny thing, Bill Self is predicted to be Coach of the Year, by 1 so called expert, along with Fred Hoiberg and Rick Barnes our of the Big12 while Lon Kruger was picked twice.

    Final 4 Teams KU was picked, 4 times, while Gonzaga was picked 6 (Have as many Final 4 appearances as MU and has only been to Elite 8 once and lost.) VCU and OU got one vote each, while Texas had 2. Kentucky and Arizona were picked 19 and 20 times respectfully, while Wisconsin was picked 14. Duke had 9 picks to reach the Final 4.

    They also did player of the year predictions, but it seemed pretty spread out. Here’s the link for it all, link text

  • @JRyman You know, there has got to be some connection between the “experts” predictions and the Shoe Co’s. If said link exists, I am sure Jaybate can find it. nudge

  • IF Self can play small ball we are surely a Final 4 team. IF HCBS try’s to play Self ball with no 7 footers or real height then I’m no so sure? I suppose we will see glimpses of how he is going to play in March next Tuesday? I don’t think anyone including HCBS feels comfortable going into Tuesday but at least we will see what our team is made of? On paper I think our presumed starting 5 are as talented as anyone in the country. Our bench is second to only UK (on paper) and since you can only play 5 at a time I think we have a shot!

  • @JRyman On said experts. Yah, nearly all of them picked chalk with UK,AZ,Wisconsin and Duke in the final four. I agree that all of those 4 teams will be very good come march. But 9.5 out of 10 times it doesnt work that way. The only guy I really respect on there from a basketball knowledge stand point is Bilas. But, he also picked chalk.

  • @JRyman

    Expert in sports commentary is like Vice President at a bank. It is meaningless.

  • @Lulufulu





    I believe Nike having 3 of 4, or 75% of the Final Four teams befits the percentage of the summer league team they reputedly provide sponsorship for.

  • Experts?


    You can walk into any bar and find conversation that competes with all of these guys. I think many in here could carry their weight against these guys.

    Come on… really… Calipari “Coach of the Year” because he can manage egos? Great… we’ll name him “psychologist of the year.” How many coaches would like to have a team full of 1st round picks and the problem Cal has?

  • @JRyman

    In all fairness, I did not see anywhere in the article or the video where ESPN calls the individuals involved, “experts.” I would just call them commentators. By the way. Katz and Greenberg that did the accompanying video, both have KU in the Final Four and Katz has Coach Self as Coach of the Year.

  • Been gone way too long. Hope to figure the format out, and looking forward to a fun season.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I knew there was a connection there. It wont pan out that way, it rarely does. Except in 08 with all #1 seeds

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    Welcome! Been a long time!

  • @drgnslayr any bruise bros? See if yours match up w/mine.

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