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    Two veteran Guards. Sr. and Jr. One shoots over 40% from Three and the other is a true assist ball hander. Great coach with a very long tenure. 6-10 post that averaged very little scoring and fewer blocks than Hunter had at Arkansas.

  • Allan Williams is a guy who will probably play at the next level. Scored 21 a game and had 11 boards last year. He’ll be noticed Friday night.

  • I received a letter from TWC offering a WiFi TV service for a basic package to add on to the TWC internet that I have. This was offered for $10. I asked if Metro Sports was part of the basic package. No, it only comes with the $98.00 package. I’ll keep watching Chasing Classic Cars on DTV for another 9 months.

  • Why would they ever leave the sports complex? Are they out of their minds? I looked up the temp in Lawrence, and it is 28 degrees. The Gauchos will hit the airport, and as they are walking through the tunnel to the gate, I predict half their team will want to turn around, and come back home when that cold air hits them.

  • @KUSTEVE You are right on about turning around when the cold air hits them. My first move to SoCal was around 1989 and I remember boarding the plane on the tarmac and John Wayne (SNA) airport-back then they didn’t have jetways. Anyway I’m climbing the stairs to board the plane in a golf shirt- its 70 degrees and beautiful, just like every other day the past six months. I had totally forgot that Kansas was cold in the winter and just had a sweater packed in my luggage.
    I walked out of the MCI terminal into a 20 degree night and windchill even worse.

    Many of those kids will be shell shocked.

  • @JayhawkRock78 Funny. I had a similar experience one time. I had flown in to KC from Houston to watch KU/Misery, and it was about 50 degrees cooler, and I didn’t have a coat with me. I ended up going to a store in Lawrence and buying long sleeved shirts, and a coat…lol. That was a sucky trip anyway, as Roy’s boys lost the Big 8 title to Misery. On the way home, in the KC airport, I had that huge, bulky coat on, and i bought a cup of coffee, and tried to sit down. The scalding hot coffee hit the arm of the chair ( no, I didn’t have a lid on it) as I plopped down, sending the coffee airborne, and soaked directly into my sock right on my ankle. I hurt terribly, but I went ahead and boarded the plane. By the time I landed in Houston, the ambulance was waiting for me because by that time, I had a 5 inch long blister that was about 2 inches tall, and I was in extreme pain. I could barely walk for a week. Oh, those fond memories…lol.

  • @KUSTEVE So sorry I reminded you of a painful event like that. I can’t remember a trip that sucky and I’ve never been in an ambulance…(being carted from a game to the ER by mom or dad don’t count) If I every had a trip that sucky my mind erased the episode for me.

  • I remember attending a game at Pepperdine in Malibu a long time ago. The Pepperdine Wave! What a campus!

    I seem to recall they were big in women’s diving and water polo.

    All I could remember is how bad I wanted to attend Pepperdine!

  • @JayhawkRock78 One more item from the trip: I get a call from Alamo Rental cars about a month after my trip, wanting to know WHEN I was going to return the rental car. I told them I had brought it back about 4 weeks before, right on schedule, right on time, with the gas tank full. They murmured around, placed me on hold, came back on and said, “Oh, we see it did get returned. Thank you for using Alamo”, and hung up…lol.

  • @drgnslayr Eye Candy University. Hubba, hubba…

  • @KUSTEVE I may be with hubba hubba, but I’m looking for Va Va Voom.

  • @JayhawkRock78 that, too…lol.

  • @drgnslayr

    Beautiful views from that campus. The kids of family friends on the East Coast attended Pepperdine and they were able to bring their polo horses with them since the school had on-campus stables…I guess that says it all…

  • Ok, a little UCSB game prep -

    1. Read where Self intends to keep up the pressure D. He mentioned the continued use of trapping like we saw vs. ESU. This is terrific. When you have a small team, we had discussed a few weeks ago that the trapping element is a great way for small team make some hay. Creating a frenetic pace, keeping the opposition off guard – we don’t have a rim protector, we don’t have height – who cares? We can be a much better defensive team without a rim protector. To be honest, stagnant man to man doesn’t appeal to me. Playing defense when you have to prove something, with a chip on your should appeals to me much more. So good. No rim protector. Now go out and make something happen. I like it.

    2. Personally, I’d start Graham. Self said Mason, Selden, Ellis, and Traylor are starting. I’d add Graham and run with it. Then I’d bring in Svi. That means Self will start Greene. See how easy that is?

    3. Alexander isn’t sitting. I bet he gets the second most minutes of our post players off the bench. I have a hunch that you might see some good doses of Traylor and Alexander together. Again, activity, energy, and “want to” are nice substitutes for 7 footers. I’m interested, and a bit concerned, with Ellis on the defensive end. Too early to worry, right @KUSTEVE?

    4. Self talked about a rotation of “9 or 10” early. I’d had to be the 11th. But I bet he plays all 11 tomorrow. Seems like Mickelson might be the dreaded 11th.

    5. By the way, I couldn’t resist calling Hawk Talk Wednesday. I asked Self if the perimeter guy at the 4 spot was still possible ( since they didn’t do it in either exhibitiion), or if it was on the shelf. Self said it was “on the shelf.” He said that the main reason he was considering it was because of the logjam on the perimeter, but since CF left, that has changed. Sounds like that isn’t going to happen. Seemed odd that his rationale for considering it wasn’t really a strategic one, but more personnel based.

    6. We won’t lose to UCSB. We may get pushed. But I sense one of those games where we have an uncomfortable lead that fluctuates from 3-9, and we can’t pull away.

    7. With all the Svi talk, I am also impressed with Graham. What I like best is how well he handles the ball. Seems dead reliable. Seems natural. I just really like our recruiting class. It would sure be nice to have them all back next season. Imagine if we do get them back. 2015-16, guys, may be the season. That may be the national title waiting to happen. But we can do it this season, too.

    8. One benefit to our depth, or our quality depth – is there one guy that might foul out that you would say, “we’re screwed”? Doesn’t seem that way to me.

    Hoops season is here.

  • @HighEliteMajor I have said it before and I totally agree with #7. I think next year is our year. Not to take anything away from our great squad we have this season but I don’t think we are going to lose much from this team. Maybe Selden but at the moment Cliff (even with his big numbers against power house teams like ESU and Washburn) looks pretty raw and Oubre is yet to show off his projected lottery pick talent. Svi is of course back. Mason and Graham will be back. Greene will be back. Perry is a 4 year player. Jamari is a Senior along with Perry. It will be the oldest team we have had in awhile and obviously that is what Bill likes. Guys who have been in the system. The 08 team, the 2011-2012 teams. Those teams had veterans…as did 2013 which was a meltdown away from having a real chance at a Final 4 as we all know.

    Enough about next year, though. We could have a real shot this year even with a UK team everyone is saying will run the table. I am a bit surprised that our own Larry Brown is saying that UK should go 40-0. Doesn’t anyone learn from this bullshit after last years 40-0 t-shirts that had to be thrown away after they played 1 good team?

    Rock Chalk.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Svi is a very underrated passer. He moves the ball well and quickly and his passes are precise. Also, he does not get rattled when guarded tight or doubled teamed. His court awareness is impressive for someone that young.

    I think KU will be tested some but will win comfortably by 12-15 points.

  • @joeloveshawks said:

    I have said it before and I totally agree with #7. I think next year is our year

    Don’t do it man, don’t make us out to be Cubs fans.

  • @JRyman Ha! Not my intention at all. I live in Chicago so I know exactly what you mean. As a KU fan every year is kind of “our year” so I apologize if that was taken the wrong way. Just saying I like the idea of possibly having a heavily Sophomore / Junior / Senior team.


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