What if Chuck Neinas did NOT help KU find a new football coach?

  • Counter factual: What if Chuck Neinas did not help KU find a new football coach? What then might the future of coach selection have been? Who might Zenger have interviewed without Neinas?

    Here is a guess about such a horrifying alternative future. After consulting crystals in Sedona, my best guess is that Zenger would have gone back to the NFL well once again, because bad choices often become habituated in life. I surfed the net for the Ten Worst NFL coaches of all time. Several lists by several different insipid e-listing sites came up. I randomly chose one with a link I have already lost.

    1. Brad Childress
    2. Bobby Petrino
    3. Rob Marinelli
    4. Mike Singletary
    5. Rex Ryan
    6. Jim Caldwell
    7. Romeo Crennel
    8. Rich Kotite
    9. Norv Turner
    10. Cam Cameron

    It is to coaching what negative interest rates are to European central banking, what untraceable bailouts and quantitative easing are to Federal Reserve central bank management of our economy–admissions of abject systemic failure of their central bank centric management ideology. But I digress. Imagine KU being coached by any one of these hole diggers for two years before being fired with three to go. I think any one of these guys could keep KU down at the level Gill and Weis dug down to. The worst one might even frack us down a little deeper. But how could Zenger pick the worst man off this list? What possible criterion could reliably identify the worst of the worst? It might have taken an auction in which the coaches bid on how many players they would run to establish “respect” and “fear” among the remaining players. Bidding might have started at the very Weis-ian level of 30. Do I hear 35? 35-40? Do I hear 45? and so on upwards. The high bidder, or the first coach to bid running all players off the team and starting with none, might have been hired immediately.

    Could Neinas do any worse than Gill and Weis? A Mollusk could do no worse. Let Neinas try, unless he is selling us out to something really corrupt. Then keep Bowen. Bowen at least appears to like the job. And I would prefer to waste the money on a KU grad, if it has to be wasted.


  • @jaybate-1.0

    This is fun! The NBA has started to hire current players to become first year coaches in Jason Kidd and Derrick Fischer.

    So what current NFL players could we hire?

    1. Ray Rice?
    2. Adrian Peterson?

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