KU Sports - Nov 3 : Ted Owen's Autobiography

  • “The former Kansas University basketball coach (1964 to ’83), who recently completed work on his biography “At the Hang-Up: Seeking Your Purpose, Running the Race, Finishing Strong,” is still going strong as an investment business adviser at First Capital Management in Tulsa…” (link to full story here)

  • @approxinfinity-Heads up-Don’t know if you’ve noticed but we have a new registered poster from the LJW that joined a few hrs ago. Ass editor Bedore used his real name to join…if it’s actually him. All members should be reminded about possible copyright or any potential other issues in links or statements we may post going forward. Not a problem with me-I don’t even read their copy anymore. Just sayin…beware.

  • @Gary_Bedore Welcome Gary!

    @globaljaybird As Gary has stated numerous times, KU Sports was okay with letting the portion of its commentors who did not want to authenticate with Facebook go somewhere else to do their commenting, so with that position in mind, I think KU Sports and we have a healthy symbiosis. They provide content, to which we faithfully direct our userbase, and we provide a home base where our community gets to discuss under our chosen names. I see no malice here, and I think we should welcome Gary with open arms. @Civilhawk … your queue…

  • @globaljaybird I think everyone is pretty good about not posting full stories here from other sites. We just post the links directing them to the original source. No copyright issues to worry about. Also I don’t think we bash kusports too much here, or not as bad as others do on some other forums I have visited. Everyone here is pretty civil and just enjoys talking about or beloved Jayhawks in a relaxed environment that is not so strictly controlled.

  • @Gary_Bedore Welcome Gary!

    I didn’t know we allowed posters to use their real names here 😉

  • @Gary_Bedore Hope you visit here often to see the quality comments coming from the very same people that were previously on your site.
    Rock Chalk!

  • The high level of civility at this website is because of @Civilhawk. Thanks for keeping it civil. That former site with @Jerry_Bedore was out of control.

  • Ted Owens was a little before Kansas was on my radar. What was the deal with the program at that point? It’s hard to imagine KU coming off two losing seasons in a row and Missouri having won 5 straight Big 8 conference championships.

  • Agree Kip, less than courteous discourse on threads, or posting links to alternative message boards/blogs, & just a general underlying sense of antagonism has turned my efforts away from LJW. Facebook signup & constant google tracking was enough for some, but the quality of discussion is definitely different than before the adios amigos, transformation that overwhelmed their following. If the board will ever again approach the level of quality we enjoyed there, who can predict? Let’s say I have serious and valid doubts. Our board here is a high effort, high reward endeavor, and a continual source of varied & diverse information for many of us with the passion for the University of Kansas athletics that has enriched or lives & heritage for generations, and continue to do so each day forward. I value the varied perspectives & analysis here that is surely increasing my understanding of the game. Thanks again men, for all the excellent content. Now Rock Chalk & let the games begin!

  • I appreciate the high-level civility being exhibited on this particular thread. The civility displayed above is unparalleled. The depth and breadth of civil-mindedness is almost breathtaking. Keep up the good work my fellow civilians!

  • @ParisHawk - They can use their real names as long as they don’t log in through facebook.

  • All good air in here! Welcome Gary!

    Let’s not forget that we are all Jayhawk fans and support the cause of Jayhawk basketball. Gary is a solid workhorse for the cause! Salute to Gary and all the staff at LJW! And let’s not forget that Gary still represents the LJW in here, so he’s not going to go out on a limb and post critical material against LJW. And to be frank, most of the criticism leveled at the LJW referred to the “FB policy” enacted, and some kind of verification has become typical on chat boards everywhere.

    People are creatures of habit, and the habit now (for many posters) is to come here. I believe as long as this site is administered to the liking of posters, the crowd will stay here, regardless of what happens on other sites. I know I’ve already become used to how this works and how I visit other sites, including KUSports.

  • +1 to drgnslayr. Gary et al. have done great jobs, Gary for many years. KUSports will still get my clicks for the articles, but not so much for the discussions.

  • I have always like the articles by Gary Bedore on KUSports and/but …

    Can we stand on our own here? This is a great site for commentary on KU sports without having LJW sports writers as posters (and I would welcome their posts, for sure). But we are doing very well on our own, thank you, very much.

    Per Jabate, no malice intended.

  • @Careful_you I think i follow what you’re saying, that this board is more user owned and operated, and so we don’t need KU Sports writers driving all of our discussions. If that’s what you’re getting at, I agree.

    But I would say that finding and linking to good stories on KU bball wherever they may be seems to be one of the main things that makes our forum good. It’s a lot easier to doodle on the paper when it isn’t blank. That content often serves as an easy starting point for conversation, be it a KU Sports article, Wichita Eagle article, or whatever…

    KU Sports will likely continue to be one of the main sources we read, but we seem to be branching out, and I’m excited by that, because we’re discovering different view points that maybe we wouldn’t have found or shared with each other when conversing linearly on just KU Sports articles.

  • @approxinfinity I think you got what I was trying to say. I do appreciate all the hard work that the LJW sports writers to do us fan. In the past, there were some disparaging comments about some of the writers which I thought were unfair. And I do drop by the KUSports site several time a week because they are so good.

    Nevertheless, the comment threads here are entertaining and often quite insightful. As a community, the posters here enrich the fan experience significantly.

    I just want to remind ourselves that we have something to be proud of here. So, I say thank you to all who have posted and welcome to all who just stop by to read.

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