000,000,05 senoB

  • Hey, I read over at a web site in an inverse universe that the de NonnaBO et al legal team are asking for $50M from the AACN?

    Wait, can I say $50M, or is that trademarked by NSPE, or the AACN, or by la te NonnaBO, or by the laredeF evreseR ? Sorry about the backwards spelling, but I am beginning to fear even referring to them with their official names without their expressed written consent to say the words.

    Like nehpetS gniK said on the ffuH tsoP, we now live in the world of 4891.

    Gee, I don’t know. The laredeF evreseR is a private, for profit corporation in an inverse universe. Can I even use the words “laredeF evreseR,” without permission, or are they trade marked and/or copyrighted in the inverse universe, too?

    Gosh, for that matter, can I say AACN, or NonnaBO, or are those words also trademarked and/or copyrighted and off limits to use, in the inverse universe, too.


    I better double check my DNA, er, AND, too. Who knows? Maybe Crick, er, kcirC dna nostaW trademarked and copyrighted you know what.

    What the hell! What if someone over at Big Ag has stepped in and patented my own private genome without me knowing it? Kind of like weasels registered the names of companies online before companies got clued in to how important their name on the net was going to become with “.com” behind it.

    What if all of our individual genomes have been patented by some putz in Yonkers that lives above a pizza parlor?

    Does anyone know if in the age of intellectual property rightism–not in the era of the law of property rights, but rather in the era of the ideology of conditioning everyone else’s individual freedoms via the conduit of intellectual property rights, that we have lost our right to be our own selves? But I digress!

    What if tyranny itself has been patented, trademarked, and copyrighted? What if you are not allowed to yell tyranny while you are being abducted to be tortured? What the hell? What if you are only allowed to talk about intensive interrogation under torture because of copyright?

    Ah, the Man of La Mancha. Hey, did hctiM hgieL and eoJ nairaD give the estate of Cervantes, er, setnavreC, even the sweat off its you know what’s for that variation?

    $50,000,000 bones. Hmm, er, 000,000,05 senob. A senob here, a senob there, and pretty soon you have quite a few skeletons, er, snoteleks!

    I’m a layman. I don’t know what’s right here.

    I like the kids finally making a few bucks for all the money they have made for the AACN and its member institutions.

    But I’m just not smart enough to figure out where to draw the line on this stuff.

    $50M reserve notes. Can I say that?

    That sounds like one helluva a lot of likenesses having been exploited without consideration in one helluva lot of marketing events.

    I reckon the AACN is going to have to make it back some how!

    How about gambling kiosks in college basketball arenas with the AACN getting some skim?

    No, that would be too obvious even for what some reputedly (and wrongly) call the AD cartel.

    How about moving all of the college basketball venues onto Native American Casino sites and then allow gambling kiosks at college basketball games?

    I don’t know. Its too complicated for a layman.

    But seriously, I really believed the damages would be much, much higher.

    Didn’t you?

    (Note: all fictionalized satire. No malice is expressed or implied. Or to put it another way–on ecilam. I had to write that to keep my alter ego from suing me. You see, I forgot to ask his permission. )

  • @jaybate-1.0 I could be wrong, but i think you may have violated 4 international laws, 18 federal and state laws, and could be the reason why the neighborhood outdoor cat from hell peed on my right front tire today. Here’s the breakdown of the 50 mil settlement:

    Defendant’s Portion of claim: $21,000.00

    Atty Fees : …$49,979,000.00




  • Your meds jaybate, your meds. I know I need mine after reading that.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    They’ve already cloned your DNA and infused it into sperm blanks. It’s a simple process where they basically load all the swimmers with DNA backpacks.

    You can buy your own material back:

    The Science of Possible

    Heck, I thought A+ was your school grades. Turned out to be your blood type!

  • I stand against all the big organizations. They all end up becoming fascist regimes.

    And with our political structure openly accepting bribes noted as contributions, money goes a long ways to giving these entities powers beyond anything fair and just.

    Read on the t-shirt blog. The University seems to imply they have ownership of “Naismith” in some capacity without even filing legal marks. Hogwash. They own Naismith just as much as they own my name for attending the university.

  • @drgnslayr Actually I thought the tone was “avoid” specific names of former players as in it could lead to trouble from somewhere sometime-I didn’t think he meant trouble with KU. With all this signature and image vs ncaa going on it’s probably good advice even though we aren’t trying to make a buck.

  • @drgnslayr said:

    “sperm blanks”?!?!?

    Not much danger from jaybate’s DNA there!

    THOF (Typo Hall of Fame)!

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